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DNA75C / 20700 Analog Box Mods (ABM) Kit – DIY Squonk Mod Part 7

I never expected to get this far in the series, let alone build a regulated mod by myself. And yet, here we are! I am going to build the DNA75C 20700 squonk mod by Analogboxmods.

If you have not looked at the other mods I built getting to this point, do take a look at them:

Besides the failed Sledz mod, I enjoyed building all those mechanical squonkers. I’m ready to move to the “big league” of regulated squonk mods.

Even before I started this, I knew that the most difficult part for me would be soldering. So I watched a ton of Youtube videos, picked up a new soldering iron and even wasted a few soldering tips by oxidizing them pretty fast.

Watch this: Soldering basics

Still, I kept on trying until I felt I was ready to do the real thing.

The step-by-step video tutorial by ABM helped a lot on filling the gaps. The video is very informational and I recommend you watch it after you watch mine. I do not show you the soldering parts because the ABM video already does an excellent job at it.

How much does it cost?

The ABM DNA75C squonk mod kit starts at CAD $105. However, that price is for the DNA75 option with unfinished aluminum enclosure. To build a DNA75C with the ModMaker 510 and powder-coated aluminum enclosure you see in my video, it would cost about CAD $127.

At that price you get the complete kit that contains:

  • The milled aluminum enclosure, door and magnets
  • The DNA75C board from Evolve
  • The ModMaker 510 complete with soldering tabs
  • A brass / copper contact plate for grounding
  • A 3D-printed holder for the DNA75C and mounting screws
  • Two keystone contacts and 3D-printed battery / bottle sled
  • The required 16g and 18g / 24g tinned copper wires for DNA75C
  • A PET or silicone squonk bottle

I loved the fact that I would get everything I needed to start building right away. This is a huge time-saver for me. It saved a lot of money too, since I could pay only once for shipping instead of buying bits and pieces from multiple websites.

I also recommend getting additional keystone contacts when you buy the kit. Your first attempt at soldering the wire to the keystone contacts may be a complete disaster. It will be more motivating to scrap the failure and start on a fresh new set.

As expected, the biggest challenge was soldering. If you’re new to soldering, please do not try doing the mod. Instead, try soldering other random stuff.

  • For example, cut a bit of the provided wire, strip away the silicone, and try putting some solder on the exposed copper. If you cannot do this yet, you’re not ready to assemble the mod.
  • You can also try soldering one end of the wire to the other end or to a scrap piece of brass / copper. This is harder than you think.
  • I found it easier to tin both connections first, then solder them together with some flux.

Here’s the list of other tools you might need, that will make the whole thing a lot easier to do:

Also, it’s a good idea to plug-in your DNA75C via USB to your computer right away and make sure everything is working. In my case, the screen was defective and ABM sent me a replacement immediately.

When I finished this mod, it was like a huge veil has been lifted from my eyes. I can see clearly now, the rain has stopped. I can see all the obstacles in my path to making my own mod in the future.

I have now actually build a regulated mod!

Sure, I didn’t mill the body or design the 510, but I did put everything together. I feel like I appreciate the work of modders so much more, and understand what goes into building all those mods I reviewed in the past.

The next project is to build the Floris DNA60 squonk mod. In terms of difficulty, that project is a few steps above the ABM mod. But without this DIY project, I would not have the confidence to move forward.

So thank you ABM!

The mod I build will be put up for auction at the cost price, and the money I get back will really help me a lot in future DIY projects. So do take a look at it and put in your bid.

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FAILED Sledz Mech Squonker – DIY Squonk Mod Part 6

In this installment of DIY squonk mods, I show you how to build the Sledz mod. Do also take a look at the first five parts:

Sledz was in my initial research. Although I knew it was not going to be as good as the ModMaker / Shapeways combo, I decided to do it anyway. I actually ordered two mods that came with doors, two additional doors and a couple of additional buttons.

The idea was that I would build these and just give them away, since they are so cheap. However, I didn’t get very far.

I noticed right away how raw these boxes were, again comparing to the Shapeways print. The measurements were off for the button (actuators) holes. Print lines were very obvious on the enclosure, and a lot of work was needed to smother these out. I tried sanding them smooth to some extent, but it was tough.

Eventually, I tried to dye one of the mods purple using my regular method of dying 3D printed mods. To my shock, the mod shrunk and warped out of shape barely two minutes into the dye mixture.

So I sat down again thinking how I can get this done. I still had another enclosure to show you. However, I wanted to show you how to make the Sledz mod way better in terms of looks and feel.

Eventually, I lost interest in it. At this time, I had already received the Analogboxmods DNA75C DIY kit, and parts of the Floris DNA60 squonk setup as well. It just didn’t seem worth my time to try to make this mod good.

I mean, it’s cheap but not that cheap. The price difference between these and the ModMaker 18650 mod was about $14 but the quality was way inferior. These seem to be printed on a low-cost 3D printer, probably one in the shed. The material used is most probably PETG and is not heat-resistant.

However to be fair, this was the cheaper option. They do have an Alumide option for squonk enclosures that seem much better made.

So, I’m calling this a FAIL and moving on. Even if I did fix and build it, I don’t think I would enjoy using it. I also don’t think it would be safe to use in the long run especially if you like a hot vape. I have a DNA75C and DNA60 squonk mods waiting to be assembled, and I just cannot find the motivation to get through this one.

So if you want to check out their Alumide enclosures, you can visit the Sledz online store.

Live and learn. Moving on to the next DIY project.

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Comet RDA by Vapemonster Korea

Vapemonster from Korea is pretty well-known in some high-end vaping circles, although you might have never heard of them. I remember seeing several of their squonk mods on sale in various FB groups, and they looked pretty well-built.

I came across this by chance in a local vape store, and decided to get one. The Comet RDA is a 22mm single-coil RDA designed for flavor chasing with an open draw. The airflow reminds me of the Flave RDA, although not exactly alike. Perhaps it’s closer to the B2K RSA?

There’s also a black version, which looks fantastic. Ok, let’s get on with the review.

Comet RDA Review: Pros

  • Good build quality – Overall the build quality is great, with some issues on the threaded Ultem top piece. You may have a hard time getting the ultem part out at first, but do it slowly and it should come out. The o-rings and other minor parts work well too.
  • Wide open airflow – If you want a single coil RDA that has a wide open airflow, this is it. It can accomodate larger coils for more vapor production.
  • Good flavor – It’s hard to rank an RDA in terms of flavor, but I would say the Comet RDA comes into the top 30. Definitely not the top 10 for me personally.

Comet RDA Review: Cons

  • Flimsy clamps – The clamps do’t work very well in my opinion. It look large but the actual area you can clamp with is pretty small, and your coils can slip out with a little tugging. You can however try pre-cutting your leads and clamping on the inside part of the clamp. The screws that hold down the clamps are a bit too small to have enough force.
  • Not flexible – You can basically put your coil in one position only. Or maybe two positions in you consider using the inside part of the clamp, after the screw. But that’s about it.

Overall, the Comet RDA by Vapemonster Korea is a well built RDA, the only letdown are the clamps. In today’s squonking world, it’s hard to impress me.

I prefer the Haku, Flave & Flave 22, Basic, B2K and more over the Comet RDA. The black version does look better, and the ultem / PMMA topcaps can help a little with the overall looks and flavor, but for me it’s not quite going to make it to The Stand.

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One RDA Review – The Next Big Thing?

I rarely get in to buy an RDA in the first batch, let alone a high-end RDA that requires joining a group and participating in randomizers. That’s why I was glad to receive the One RDA for the purposes of this review.

One is a collaboration between Vikset Mods and 67 Mods, both groups carrying significant weight in the high-end vape community. Vikset is well-known for making after-market caps for many top high-end RDAs. 67 Mods is known for their new Neofet mods, which feature a slick and elegant design.

Needless to say, this RDA is going to be hyped up in 2018, simply because of the pedigree behind it. The One RDA is 22mm, comes with both standard and BF pins, a Delrin topcap with two driptips. No stainless steel cap.

The cost is €100 and in order to purchase, you need to join the One group. In the group, you must participate in randomizers, while the actual payment and shipment will be done by Squonk Radar.

In fact you can see the product on Squonk Radar, but you cannot access it unless you have a password. The password is given to the winners of the randomizer.

It is a single-coil RDA like most squonking RDAs are. If you’re looking for a Mouth-to-Lung RDA this is not it, but you do get a great restrictive vape from it.

One RDA Review – Pros

  • High-end feel – Some may disagree with me, but I think a high-end RDA should not come in cheap plastic containers. The One RDA’s packaging although not luxurious is certainly fit for a high-end RDA.
  • Good build quality – I wish I could say that it has the best build quality I have seen, but I cannot. The build quality is good, both the deck and the topcap.
  • Easy to build – This is a straightforward RDA. Slot your coils in, tighten, position, fire and wick. Although there are two negative posts, the one you’re most probably going to use is the post on the opposite of the positive.
  • Good flavor – Again I would like to say I got great flavor, but at this point after using and reviewing so many single coil RDAs, I cannot. The flavor is good, but I think I get better flavor from my Gas Mods GR1, Vaponaute Le Supersonic, Basic RDA and a few others I have in my stand.

One RDA Review – Cons

  • Looks too generic – I understand the decision to make it look simple, but I think it’s a bit too simple. Too plain to look like something new. In fact I would say there’s nothing new in the One RDA at all. You’ve seen it all before, even with two negative posts.
  • No stainless steel topcap – For low-profile single coil RDAs, I can swear by anthing other than a stainless steel topcap. In fact I hardly use the SS topcap that a lot of RDAs come with. However, I understand that Delrin topcaps do not have the same “getting your money’s worth” feel for a lot of people. Perhaps it should have come with both.

Overall, the One RDA is a pretty good RDA. Good, but not great.

If you want to pick one up, first join the Facebook group and participate in the randomizer. You’ll be given instructions on what to do.

If the group appears like it does’t exist, that’s because they have changed the privacy to “Secret”, so try again in a few days. Or, ask a friend who is already in to invite you as a new member.

** Update: There are now more options for topcaps and driptips, also sold via the group.

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Best Single Coil RDA Build for Squonking on Mech Mods

If you’re not getting a great vape from your single-coil squonk RDAs, I hope this video can help you. Although this tutorial is specifically for building on mechanical squonk mods, you can use the same build on regulated squonk mods.

Mech squonkers are especially tricky to build on, as you have to pay close attention to the resistance and the type of metal used. For example, building too low can strain your batteries and be dangerous, while building too high Ohms will produce a lame vape.

The type of metal you use will determine the ramp up time. If you have a heavy Clapton coil that clocks in at 0.1 Ohm, most of you battery is going to be used just to ramp up and heat up the coil. You will need several primer puffs before you can get the full vape, and you have to keep changing batteries.

So I want to build something that is easy, requires almost no tools, has minimal ramp up, clocks in between 0.3 Ohm to 0.2 Ohm, and can give great flavor.

The build that I show in this video is easy for anyone to do. All you need is 28g wire, a pretty common gauge. I use Ni80 Nichrome for all my builds, but you can also use Kanthal A1. I know a lot of people prefer using Stainless Steel wire but I find Ni80 to be more predictable in terms of resistance than SS.

I do a similar build in all my squonk mods, although I use a fused Clapton variation with 38/40g wire wrapping the three parallel 28g wires. However, you should be able to get a great vape without making fused Claptons.

This build is for flavor chasing. You can expect a great throat hit, longer battery life, minimal ramp up time. It’s not however going to make big clouds.

I have other builds as well, but they all revolve around creating parallels of 26g / 28 wires, either double or triple. It really depends on the squonk RDA I am using. For RDAs that have a larger deck or more airflow, I go with 26g. It has a slightly longer ramp up time but it will fill up the space better and produce more vapor.

Either way, I hope this tutorial is useful to you for building single coil squonk RDAs on mechanical squonk mods.

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Parallel 18650 Mod by ModMaker – DIY Squonk Mod Part 5

In this installment of DIY squonk mods, I show you how to build the parallel 18650 squonk mod by ModMaker. Do also take a look at the first four parts:

Keep in mind, that a lot of the explanations for the parts and tools are in Part 2. To keep this short, I do not repeat them here.

All the ModMaker parts can be purchased from their online store, while the squonk mod enclosure and doors can be purchased from the ModMaker Shapeways store.

Overall, the quality and measurements for the ModMaker parallel squonk mod were spot on. This time, the button hole was large enough for the button, but ModMaker informed me they also made the hole larger for their ModMaker 18650 mod after my video.

Again, I went for one of the cheapest Nylon options, although you can spend a little more for enclosures and doors with better finishing.

I bought the white version because I was expecting to do some sanding to make parts fit. As you recall from my ModMaker 18650 video the button didn’t fit, and sanding down the black Nylon body exposed the white underneath.

However, this time around I didn’t have to do any sanding. The other reason for getting a white mod is that you can easily dye the 3D print to any color you want.

I’m pretty happy with how the ModMaker Parallel 18650 mod turned out. This time, I went with a black body and blue door. Dyeing the Nylon was pretty easy, especially with the synthetic RIT dyes that I used. It required less dye and less time. In fact, after just 3 minutes you can already achieve the color you want.

This mod was auctioned off and sold, and I thank the buyer for his support. With the proceeds I can keep going and trying new DIY squonk mods for you. The mods are un next, but I’m also trying to DIY a regulated squonk mod from Florisbox.

After these, the DIY Squonk Mod series will be concluded.

Visit The ModMaker Shapeways Store

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20700 Toaster Design Mod – DIY Squonk Mod Part 4

In this instalment of DIY squonk mods, I show you how to build the 20700 squonker by Toaster Design. Do also take a lok at the first three parts:

Keep in mind, that a lot of the explanations for the parts and tools are in Part 2. To keep this video short and only about the 20700 Toaster Design mod, I do not repeat them here.Now here’s the ironic part..Toster Design is headed by Mark McManus, and the mods retail for about £99 – £130. There’s a whole range of mods that they made, but the most recent is called the “Tiny V3”.Just as I was preparing to record this video, Mark McManus declared in the group that he will no longer be making mods for sale. However, his designs will remain in the Toaster Design Shapeways page. This means that the only way you can get a Toaster Design mod now is to build one yourself.Overall, the enclosure and door I purchased from their Shapeways store was very good. Although I basically bought the cheapest Nylon version, the finishing and measurements were pretty exact. No issues here.The contacts for the 20700 mod are actually designed to be thinner than the ModMaker mod I built. Since I was using the ModMaker precut copper strips, I have to trim down the strip to fit this mod.You can get the design details in PDF from the Toaster Design FB group. This is for the Tiny V3 but should give you a good idea of how to cut for this mod. Here’s how the design looks like:It would certainly help a lot if you knew the exact measurements for the contacts. Also, it’s still possible to buy pre-cut brass strips from the group.I had a good time building the Toaster Design 20700 squonk mod. Although the colors didn;t quite turn up like I was expecting, I think it still looks pretty unique. I did an auction for the Toaster Design 20700 mod, and I sincerely thank you guys for supporting this initiative.I might do a future video about the Tiny V3, but I think I’m heading more towards trying to do a DIY regulated squosquonk mod. I have my plans to get a Florisbox DNA60, but I really have no idea how that one will turn out.If you want to get the Toaster Design mods printed for you in a range of quality and finishing options, visit their Shapeways store. Go To The Toaster Design DIY Store

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Berserker MTL RDA by Vandyvape – Full Review

In my opinion, the Berserker Mini RTA by Vandyvape was a home run, and the Berserker MTL RDA seems like it’s going to be a best-seller as well. Designed by Alex Vapers MD, a popular Youtuber who also designed the Berserker and Berserker Mini, it cheks all the right boxes.

To be honest, I doubt Vandyvape could have come up with a design like this by themselves. You need to really understand Mouth-to-lung and have used a whole range of MTL RDAs to come up with this design. It’s complex but exact.

Here are the basic specs for the Berserker MTL RDA:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Available also in cerakoted black, gold and rainbow
  • Four PEEK airflow inserts
  • Side airflow control, bottom central airflow
  • Dual post build deck and single coil configuration
  • Comes with 22mm mod and 24mm beauty rings
  • Heat-sink driptip with delrin and PEI tips
  • 18.1mm overall diameter

Yes, only 18mm, but it works. The air holes are the same as the Berserker RTA (0.8, 1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 2mm). The airflow inserts are 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 2mm, 3 x 1mm, 3mm*0.5mm ellipse-shaped hole. A lot of options!

Berserker MTL RDA – Pros

  • Great value for money – In pre sale I’m looking at below $30 on Fasttech for all color variations. That is an incredible price for a fine RDA and all the extras it comes with. Definitely worth getting one!
  • Great airflow design – The Berserker MTL RDA has an airflow that is designed like an MTL tank. With replaceable airflow inserts, you get bottom airflow as close as possible to the coil, yet high enough to prevent leaks from over-squonking. The best part of the replaceable airflow is that you can swap between the options without every touching your coil or wicks!
  • Impressive build quality – The Berserker MTL RDA is really well-built, at least the stainless steel version I tried. The tolerances are just perfect on all the o-rings and PEEK airflow inserts.
  • True MTL flavor – Although I am not a hardcore MTL vaper, I dabble occasionally with my Kayfun Lite / Kayfun Mini v3 and a few other good MTL tanks. The flavor on the Berserker Mini MTL RDA is on par with any of these.

Berserker MTL RDA – Cons

  • Hot driptip – The stainless steel driptip can get pretty hot if you chain vape. The delrin / ultem tips are way to short, your lips will most definitely touch the heat-sink part of the driptip.
  • 18mm & design – Personally it’s not a con for me, but some of you may prefer a 22mm RDA ad may not be a fan of the design. However, I do still feel like 18mm is enough for a MTL RDA.

There’s really not much I can think in terms of cons, so there you go!

Berserker MTL RDA – Conclusion

The Vandyvape Berserker MTL RDA is perhaps the best MTL RDA I own. Sure, I don’t own many but I have been researching a few including the NoName Plug-In. The price is just so good below $30 for these.

I received these Berserker MTL RDAs from Vandyvape for the purpose of this review, but I would gladly buy one myself any day.

Get The Berserker MTL RDA At The Best Price

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The Basic RDA by 5A’s – Best Squonk RDA for 2018?

If you’re looking for a great high-end squonk RDA to enjoy in 2018, I believe I may already have found the best. Yes, I really do think so, and you might as well as soon as you get a Basic RDA by 5A’s in your vapemail.

In this video I review the Basic V1.1, which is an improved version. The original Basic RDA was extremely limited, and featured a gun metal topcap that the modder has promised to be exclusive for the version 1.

5A’s (I have no idea what it stands for) is a group of modders based in the Philippines. You can join their Facebook group here, which is where you can get yourself the Basic RDA along with anything else they have to offer.

The Basic RDA:

  • 22mm single coil RDA
  • Top airflow control
  • Sandblasted deck, serialized
  • Stainless steel topcap with Delrin driptip
  • Extras include PMMA, Delrin and Black Ultem topcaps
  • Comes with BF pin and standard 510 pin

I used the Basic RDA for a five days before the review, but in that time I had an unfortunate auto-fire incident on my Bliss mod which partially damaged the clear topcap.

Basic RDA – Pros

  • Great dense flavor – I would say the flavor is like a cross between the Solo RDA and the Hussar RDTA, both of which are great flavor-chasing RDAs themselves. It’s hard to say it’s the best flavor, but it’s definitely in my top 10.
  • Amazing machining & build quality – It held up really well under my macro lens as you can see in the video, which usually reveals the minor scratches and imperfections in 99% of the stuff I usually review. I also love the sandblasted deck, which reminds me of the Haku RDA.
  • Great value for money – The Basic RDA costs $80 excluding Paypal fees and shipping. At the price it is cheaper than most of the high-end RDAs I own, and has way better build quality.
  • Easy to build – Simple, straightforward build deck that is flexible enough for large coils as well as round wire. Wires trap easily.

Basic RDA – Cons

  • Generic-looking design – The version 1 looked a bit more unique than the version 1.1, which looks very generic. If this is your first squonk RDA, then you might not notice it. I however own many RDAs that look somewhat like the Basic RDA v1.1.
  • Hex screws – I left this one out in the review, but hex screws are a subjective con. It comes down to preferences, but I would prefer flat head screws.

Basic RDA – Conclusion

At $80 is pretty good buy considering the excellent build quality. Overall it’s a great squonking RDA with smooth airflow and great flavor. You can also get an assortment of topcaps, driptips and beauty rings from their group. The v1 has been discontinued but you can get the clone version here.

The Basic RDA might just be the best single-coil squonking RDA I buy this year. We’ll see!

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Wismec Luxotic Squonk Mod Review & Replacement Bottle Ideas

Wismec is one of those companies that send you stuff for review without constantly asking when you will review it. I truly appreciate that! However, for a long time they have been sending me “new” products that are noting more than variations of the Reuleaux or Predator.So when I opened my latest box from them and saw the Wismec Luxotic squonk kit, I was pretty excited. My review was one of the first to be up on Youtube, but I think it’s still pretty accurate.Here’s a picture of the squonk mod and RDA that I got from the Wismec website:

Wismec Luxotic Review: Pros

  • Safe & practical daily beater – The built-in electronic locking work with no fuss, and you have a lot of basic safety features. This is a great daily beater mod for anyone, including someone like me who already own a lot of squonk mods.
  • Great design & looks – I really love te way it looks, although I think I would only love this particular Ultem-ish colored door. I don;t have the others, but I believe the Ultem honeycomb design to be the best. I also love the size of the mod and how comfy it feels.
  • Impressive build quality – The build quality is awesome for the Wismec Luxotic. The brushed metal body is fantastic, especially considering the price.
  • Hits pretty hard for unregulated – Although I do not have the equipment to test for voltage drop, I found the Wismec Luxotic to hit pretty hard. It does NOT hit as hard as the best pure mechanical squonk mod i own, but I think the trade-off for the locking and safety features is worth it.
  • Flavor-chasing RDA – The Tobinho RDA is another surprise from Wismec, who safe to say are not really know for their tanks and RDAs. I expected it to suck like most other RDAs that are included in squonk kits. However, it performs really well. The flavor is great albeit with a wide open airflow.
  • Alien Coils included – The two Alien coils included read close to 0.15 Ohms and are pretty solid. Plus, they are already pre-cut and shaped to make it compatible with the Tobihno RDA. Otherwise, coiling on this RDA can be a bit tricky.

Wismec Luxotic Review: Cons

  • The hard squonk bottle – Needless to say, most people hate the squonk bottle the Wismec Luxotic comes with. There are some many videos showing you how to either cut the stainless steel feeding tube or use a different silicone-based bottle as a replacement. Personally, I do not mind the harder bottle that much nowadays for this type of bottom-insertion squonk mod.
  • Magnets issue (update) – The large round magnet came off a week or so after the video review. I find that it was held in place by double-sided tape which is weird. I will have to use some epoxy resin to make a permanent bond.

Overall, this is a solid squonk kit from Wismec. Like I said I was surprised to get the Wismec Luxotic, considering the type of products they usually send to me.Hope you enjoyed this review, and feel free to use the link below to pick up your Wismec Luxotic squonk mod.Click Here to Get The Wismec Luxotic