Product Review Request & Policy

Thank you very much for wanting to send me your products for review. However, due to previous experiences, I think I should state clearly what my policies are in terms of product reviews:

  1. You’re asking for a review, not a promotion. Therefore, I will list the product’s pros AND cons as I see it. This is my opinion, even if you or others may not agree to it. If you want only the positives, that’s a promotion, and I recommend you consider the advertising options on this website instead.
  2. Is your product final or a beta? Please let me know before you send it, so I will treat the review accordingly. If there are any changes you are making to your product, please also let me know.
  3. Please be ready for questions – If I do not understand something about your product or need clarification, I will ask. Please have someone capable & ready to answer these questions.
  4. No juice review – Due to the unpopularity of juice reviews, I no longer do them. However, I can feature your juice in other reviews and build tutorials.
  5. I will not re-do / remove reviews – Unless I have made a serious mistake in the review, I will not re-do or remove it, or even set it to private. I review the product as it is. If you do not like my review, you can stop sending. I believe my audience is smart enough to make up their own minds, my review is just one source of information for them. When necessary I might do a follow-up review.
  6. A review is not guaranteed – Sending me a product doesn’t mean I will review it. There are many other stuff to review. I will need to prioritise which ones are suitable for my channel, and how much time I have. Your review may be delayed till the time is right, or there may not be any review at all if there is no time. To avoid unexpected issues, please let me know what you are sending, and I will tell you if its suitable for my channel.
  7. I’m free to dispose the received items any way I see fit – The products I review or didn’t review for whatever reason will be eventually disposed. This includes selling them, raffles, auctions, giving them away, trading for other items, or simply throwing them away. I do this regularly to keep my space clutter-free, and there are very few items that I decide to keep.

If you agree to these, then we have an understanding. I am looking for long-terms relationships. I hope you are looking for my opinion. Fill up the form below to contact me.