The B2K RSA Review – Amazing & Well Executed!


The B2K RSA is made by Albert Lee, a vape store owner in Canada. I was asked by a few subscribers to review it, so when the chance presented itself in the Squonk America Group Buy Facebook group, I jumped on it.

*b2k = #Born2Kill and RSA = rebuildable squonking atomizer

The B2k RSA is different from anything else I have seen, simply because it came with a whole array of topcaps, driptips both 510 and 810, and matching driptip adapters. I thought to myself that it was too good to be true, and that I would be the first person to point out what a scam the whole thing was.

All that shit for $67 (price based on Vapehappy)? Surely something’s got to be wrong with the actual RDA, I thought.

After trying it, I had to eat my own words. It was real and it was spectacular.

Here’s the basic info on the b2k RSA (RDA):

  • Designed in Canada by Albert Lee
  • 23mm diameter, 20mm height (without driptips) so it’s pretty low profile
  • four topcaps included (in this version: white delrin, clear PMMA, ultem PEI & black delrin)
  • matching 23/24mm beauty rings, 510 driptips, 810 driptips and driptip adapters for all four caps
  • spitback protector than can be attached or removed from any of the provided 810 driptips
  • anti-spin topcap design, with fins that make it easy to grab and seperate from the driptips
  • post-less deck for single coil or dual coil RDA
  • side adjustable airflow (angled downwards to make it bottom-airflow)
  • includes airflow restrictor ring to cut 1mm from airflow height

Please note that there are several versions, and mine is the KRNK edition with the White Box.

B2K RSA Review: Pros

  • Holy shit that’s amazing value for money – I was really hoping to get poor quality caps and flimsy o-rings so I could say “See, I told you it was too good to be true”. Unfortunately I can’t, everything is legit and everything is good, so much stuff for the price you pay.
  • Pretty fine machining – Top-notch build quality for the deck, topcaps and accessories. Under my macro lens (which exposes everything) I can say that the B2k build quality is first-class.
  • Simple and efficient build deck – The postless deck has only one issue; you need to measure the length of your leads. You’ll get the hang of it pretty quick, and building will be easy. The screws are good for the most part (see cons below).
  • Wide open airflow – This thing has more airflow than the Flave 24 in my opinion. Plus, since it’s 23mm and uses 810 driptips, you can get a great cloud-chasing build in here. With some patience you can fit dual coils in the deck, and the airflow is wide open enough to match them.
  • Great flavor – If you factor in the wide build deck and tons of airflow, and put in a build to match those two things, the flavor will be heavenly. Plus, you have an airflow restrictor to cut some airflow and give you a more restricted vape if you prefer.
  • Great modder & group – Albert Lee can take criticism about his product without whining and sulking like some Italian modders. With this attitude he is able to have a real conversation with B2K users and constantly improve it.

B2K RSA Review: Cons

  • Misthreading deck screw – This issue was only for one screw on the positive post, and only on some units with the KRNK version packaging. Yes, I was one of the unlucky ones. The first screw broke as I tried to take it out becasue the threads on the positive post are slightly misaligned. I eventually figured out how to remove the other half by removing the positive post first.
  • 23mm is neither here not there – A lot of people don’t like 24mm RDAs becasue they think the flavor won’t be as intense as 22. Plus, some tiny squonk mods cannot fit a 23/24mm RDA without overhang. This con is subjective, but the B2K may suffer from both problems; perception and tiny mods. You have all the caps you need for it and beauty rings as well to make it 24, so that’s a great thing.

First off, the quality was far superior than I ever imagined. My only regret with the B2K was that I was the unlucky person to get the KRNK units with the misaligned threads on the positive screw.

If you only buy ONE squonk RDA this has to be it. I still use the B2K in my weekly rotation, since it can match almost any setup I have and is one of the most flexible RDA (or RSA) I have seen.

There are newer versions with slight changes to the screws and topcaps. This is the latest “Caviar Edition” with the blue box. You get a stainless steel cap in this instead of the clear.

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