Psyclone Mods Entheon RDA Review


The Psyclone Mods Entheon RDA was said to be the replacement for the Hadaly. I didn’t think that would be the case, but as it turns out the Hadaly got discontinued when the Entheon was launched. So yes, it is the successor or replacement to the Hadaly.

In a way, it solved all the most annoying cons of the Hadaly – especially over-squonking. But can it replace the unique, airy and tasty vape that the Hadaly was known for?

In this Entheon RDA review, I show you how it works and how to build on this new squonk-ready RDA by Psyclone Mods. I also show you all the accessories it comes with, which is quite a lot!

Entheon RDA Review: Pros

  • Good-looking squonk RDA – The Entheon RDA look good, although pretty traditional for a squonk RDA. Some say it looks like the Armor. It does not, but the general design lines are familiar. Plus, with the included beauty ring that adds to the look, you can easily tell the Entheon RDA apart from other squonk setups.
  • Accurate, dense flavor – Flavor is subjective, but I was able to get dense vapor with accurate flavor from all the builds I had in the Entheon RDA. Even today, weeks after my video review, I still use the Entheon RDA regularly.
  • Great build quality – I’ve taken pictures with my macro lens, and the build quality was obvious. Great job Psyclone Mods for making a clean, well-machined RDA at a reasonable price.
  • Tons of included accessories – You get two wide-bore drptips, two 510 driptips, two driptip adapters, a stainless steel beauty ring and lots of spares. Although the B2K RSA takes the crown for the most bling in a package, that’s still a lot of stuff.
  • Easy & flexible build deck – Unlike the Hadaly, the clamps can be reversed to match your coil. So it will not matter if you coil overhand or underhand, you can fit it easily in the Entheon RDA. However, the clamps have their limits, which I mention in the cons.
  • No leaking from oversquonking – I believe Mac Carlson from Psyclone Mods made this a personal mission, due to the huge amount of over-squonking complaints with the Hadaly RDA. Well, they solve it but at the expense of a taller RDA.
  • Wide community support – I didn’t mention this in the video as the Entheon RDA was pretty new then, but today you can find lots of caps, beauty rings designed and made by some excellent people in the vape community. This means that you can always find an Ultem cap to match the Ultem mod.

Entheon RDA Review: Pros

Most of the cons are subjective, but here they are:

  • Redundant accessories for higher price – I do feel that one beauty ring, one Delrin wide bore driptip and one Delrin driptip adapter would have been enough for the Entheon. The rest just made it a little more expensive. I understand, some people may not have a box of driptips and beauty rings like me, so like I said this is subjective.
  • Clamps meant for larger wire – They tend to bend under pressure, so you have to flip them regularly. Otherwise, they will not clamp down certain type of coils – for example a triple parallel 28g coil. In fact, the clamp doesn’t work too well for higher gauge wires. I’ve done a recent build video and you can see this problem for real.

Well, that’s it.

My honest opinion is that the Entheon RDA is a winner. That’s how I felt when I recorded the video and that’s how i feel now.

In fact I have two of them, and lots of new Vikset caps that make the Entheon look more compact. I love building and vaping on the Entheon RDA, but every now and them I do have issues with the clamp not holding down my wires.

One of the best widely-available squonking RDAs, and I believe the Entheon RDA will be impressing many people for a long time to come.

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