Best Single Coil RDA Build for Squonking on Mech Mods


If you’re not getting a great vape from your single-coil squonk RDAs, I hope this video can help you. Although this tutorial is specifically for building on mechanical squonk mods, you can use the same build on regulated squonk mods.

Mech squonkers are especially tricky to build on, as you have to pay close attention to the resistance and the type of metal used. For example, building too low can strain your batteries and be dangerous, while building too high Ohms will produce a lame vape.

The type of metal you use will determine the ramp up time. If you have a heavy Clapton coil that clocks in at 0.1 Ohm, most of you battery is going to be used just to ramp up and heat up the coil. You will need several primer puffs before you can get the full vape, and you have to keep changing batteries.

So I want to build something that is easy, requires almost no tools, has minimal ramp up, clocks in between 0.3 Ohm to 0.2 Ohm, and can give great flavor.

The build that I show in this video is easy for anyone to do. All you need is 28g wire, a pretty common gauge. I use Ni80 Nichrome for all my builds, but you can also use Kanthal A1. I know a lot of people prefer using Stainless Steel wire but I find Ni80 to be more predictable in terms of resistance than SS.

I do a similar build in all my squonk mods, although I use a fused Clapton variation with 38/40g wire wrapping the three parallel 28g wires. However, you should be able to get a great vape without making fused Claptons.

This build is for flavor chasing. You can expect a great throat hit, longer battery life, minimal ramp up time. It’s not however going to make big clouds.

I have other builds as well, but they all revolve around creating parallels of 26g / 28 wires, either double or triple. It really depends on the squonk RDA I am using. For RDAs that have a larger deck or more airflow, I go with 26g. It has a slightly longer ramp up time but it will fill up the space better and produce more vapor.Either way, I hope this tutorial is useful to you for building single coil squonk RDAs on mechanical squonk mods.

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