Hadaly RDA Clone Vs Authentic Hadaly RDA – Full Comparison


If you’re looking for a Psyclone Mods Hadaly RDA clone, and you’re wondering how good it can be, you need to watch this video. I compare the SXK Hadaly RDA clone to the authentic Hadaly RDA, side by side, part by part.

Although some people say that the Shenray Hadaly RDA clone or the SJMY version is better, I found the SXK version to be pretty darn good in terms of build quality and performance.

SXK clones typically do not try to be a 1:1 clone. In fact, they try to “improve” over the authentic, although the “improvement” may be subjective. I’ve noticed a similar pattern in my SXK Hurricane V2 clone review and my SXK Kayfun 5 clone review.

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Hadaly RDA Clone by SXK

Here’s what I like about the SXK Hadaly RDA clone:

  • The price is fantastic – At just $15, this Hadaly clone is so cheap you can literally get four of them to match the price of the authentic. Check the price here.
  • Doesn’t rip off the packaging – I used to think clones need to replicate the authentic packaging, but I’ve since changed my mind. I’m glad that the SXK Hadaly clone comes in simple packaging, as that helps keep the costs low.
  • Very good machining & build quality – In my video you can see that the machining is spot on, comparable to the authentic Hadaly RDA by Psyclone mods.
  • Squonking works perfectly – As I explaining in my previous Frankenskull clone review, the squonk pin works perfectly in the SXK Hadaly RDA clone, and you’ll be happy using it on any squonk mod.
  • Amazing airflow and flavor – The Hadaly RDA is well known for its amazing flavor, and the SXK Hadaly RDA clone gives you almost exact airflow and flavor like the authentic.

Here’s what I don’t like about the SXK Hadaly RDA clone:

  • Narrower clamp area – Because of the clamp cut out, the actual clamp area does seem to be slightly smaller than the authentic Hadaly RDA. I don’t know why SXK did this, since it cannot possibly be that difficult to get this right. However, it will not effect most builds or wires.

Overall, I think the SXK Hadaly clone is a very good clone. Some Shenray lovers claim that the Shenray clone is better, since it is more 1:1. SJMY fanboy would say the SJMY version is better.

I cannot tell you for sure, since I do not buy and compare multiple different clones. What I have is the SXK Hadaly clone, and I hope I explained it in detail throughout this video.

This clone is now listed in my best vape clones list, as well as my ultimate bottom-feeding RDAs list. It’s that good.

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