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I first saw the SXK Atto clone on FastTech more than a year ago. I was most definitely curious about it, but it was sold out at the time. Recently, I realised that the Atto mod clone was back in stock. I am not sure if this is a newer version, or if SXK just decided to continue making them since the MTL (Mouth-to-lung) tube mods are back in a big way.

The original Atto Mod is made by Yellowkiss, the same company that made the popular Pico, Pico V2 and Zeta. The original Atto Mod retails for over $170 and has been sold out for as long as I can remember. The SXK clone on the other hand is only $15, but is it any good?

Here’s the breakdown of the SXK Atto clone:

  • 22 mm diameter, 108 mm height
  • 304 brushed stainless steel construction
  • Accepts both 18350 and 18650 batteries
  • Unknown MOSFET, 3 clicks on/off
  • Adjustable bottom contacts

I received my SXK Atto mod in a generic plastic tube packaging, not seen in the pictures. It had a Yellowkiss sticker on one side, and the mod was just covered by thin plastic wrap. However, the mod itself really took me by surprise. It looked like the real deal, as far as I can tell.

How to Use The SXK Atto Clone Mod

To use the mod, simple put in your 18650 battery with the positive facing down, and screen on the bottom cap. Then, just the battery contact until there’s no rattle. Attach your atomiser, and click on the fire button.

If nothing happens, it’s most probably locked. You can twist the battery contact counter-clockwise to break the circuit. There is no LED indicator on this mod.

To use the mod with an 18350 battery, twist the tube right at the middle, and remove the lower tube section. Insert your 18350 battery and screw on the battery cap.

With a 18350 battery, this mods is so compact that you need a tiny RDA or tank to match. Thankfully, there are many tiny atomisers available now.

SXK Atto Clone Mod Review

There’s “Atto” engraved on the top, right above the battery position engraving. Any 22mm tank or RDA will fit superbly on the SXK Atto clone, although shorter ones look best.

The mod seems solidly built, although the MOSFET used inside is manufactured by SXK. It is labeled as “SXK Pico V1.1”.

The negative contact is soldered directly to the board on on end, while the 510 pin make contact on the other end. No wires, but the contact has enough springiness to accept most 510 pin heights.

I cannot find the capabilities of the MOSFET anywhere. It does work, and it does fire pretty well. You have to keep in mind though that this type of mod is not meant for super-subohm vaping. Keep your builds between 0.5 ohms to 0.2 ohms for the best results.

To remove the MOSFET, unscrew the top cap from the upper tube section. The MOSFET is held in place by these two metal pieces without any glue or screws, so it should fall out easily. However, the tiny stainless steel button will also come out, so be careful not to lose it. Putting the MOSFET back is not too hard, once you get that tiny button back in it’s place.

After taking these pictures, I coated the MOSFET with clear nail polish to make it liquid-resistant. This is easy to do, cheap, and adds a little bit more protection to your mod.

The MOSFET does have reverse battery protection. If you accidentally position the positive facing up (it should face down), the mod just doesn’t work. There should be other basic protection as well, but I cannot quote any confirmed information.

The machining on the mod is superb. As you can see, the tube comes apart in three places – the top, middle, and bottom. However, when you assemble everything, there’s almost no visible seam line. Threads work excellent on both ends, and on the battery contact.

The mod fires perfectly, and monthly. I never noticed any issues, but avoid extremely low builds. Since there is no flashing LED, if you’ve built too low it just won’t work.

The picture above show the size comparison of the SXK Atto Clone mod to the EHPro Mod 101 regulated mod. It’s much smaller, thanks to the bare boned components and electronics used.

Summary of the SXK Atto Clone


  • Unbelievable price at just $18
  • Unbelievable build quality and machining
  • Seamless fit on all the tube parts
  • Manual adjustable battery contact
  • MOSFET replacements easily available
  • Stylish and fits 22mm short tanks perfectly
  • Tiny and sexy with an 18350


  • Anything more than 22 mm in diameter looks weird on it
  • Doesn’t take 18500 batteries (maybe a replacement tube section in the near future?)

Final verdict: I absolutely love it, highly recommended. I will definitely buy another one soon. As far as best vape clones go, this is one of the amazing I’ve purchased.

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