Dvarw MTL Clone Review – Complete Set Under $30


I’ve been wanting to try the Dvarw MTL clone for a while now but kept holding back to see if there would be an SXK version. There still isn’t, but this Dvarw MTL clone I found seems to be the best out there, complete set with all the extras for under $30.

Dvarw MTL clone

In total, that is four tanks section including the steel tank. You get spare o-rings and hex screws for the build deck as well.

There is a Dvarw DL (Direct Lung) version that looks similar but is 24mm in diameter. Here is the basic information for the Dvarw MTL clone:

  • No logos, generic clone packaging
  • 316 stainless steel construction, brushed finish
  • 5ml juice capacity (small tanks down to 2ml)
  • Bottom airflow, non-adjustable
  • Replaceable airflow inserts
  • 22mm overall diameter

How The Dvarw MTL Clone Works

This is meant to be a flavor-chasing RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer). It comes with five replaceable central airflow inserts. Using the provided hex wrench, you can remove the insert and plug in another, each with a different sized air hole.

Although it’s labeled as an MTL (mouth-to-lung) tank, the larger airflow inserts can give you a pretty good Direct Lung vape as well. This is the reason I choose to get the MTL version instead of the DL version.

The 22 mm diameter of the MTL Dwarf fits perfectly with my tube mods. The picture above shows it on the EHPro Mod 101, a solid tube mod for the price. The simple (too simple?) design makes it look sleek on tube mods, mechanical or regulated.


The tank does not have top-refill. You will need to unscrew the top section and fill from the bottom, just like you would with tanks from 3-4 years ago. In that sense, the Dvarw is a step Dback in evolution.

The tank section is frosted PMMA, although I believe a glass alternative is available somewhere. It is meant for a single coil build, with two posts that use hex screws. Here’s an example of a build I made:


Once you test your build, you’ll need to wick it with Kohgendo or another organic cotton. Leave the ends long, hold it up and slide in the bottom part of the chimney section. Then, fold your cotton to it covers the holes on both sides.

The extra length will make the cotton press up against the hole to counter for the pressure from your e-liquid. It will also hold more liquid and prevent dry hits. Then, place the top part of the chimney, fill up your e-liquid and screw on the entire top tank section.

The bottom airflow is totally useless, and cannot be adjusted. If you feel like the draw it too airy or too tight, you will need to take everything out and change the central airflow insert. This may be tedious but you can do a dry run to get an idea of how much air each insert will allow.

My Dwarv MTL Clone Review

The entire set was well machined, although there is some residue of machine oil. You should give this a quick wash or let it sit in your ultrasonic cleaner for a while before using.

All the sections fit perfectly, and the o-rings are pretty decent quality. I had no leaks from any section or part of all the different tank combinations. Usually, vape clones have terrible o-rings, but the ones on this Dvarw clone are good and work really well.

The build deck is simple enough to figure out. However, I find that the screws hold your wires securely until you try to adjust them. Then, you’ll need to tighten down again or get a short.

I’ve tried to build with 24g Kanthal A1 wire are you can see from the picture above. This build reads at 0.5 ohms and works just nice for the Dvarw, although you’ll need to experiment to match the type of airflow insert you’re using.

In terms of looks, I have no complaints. However, I do not think this is 316 stainless steel as claimed. It’s most probably 304 stainless steel, which is cheaper and easier to work with.


The setup I am using (the mid-sized tank) makes the Dvarw just slightly shorter than my Skyline. Although you can’t tell from the edited picture, the shine and luster of the steel are far below the authentic Skyline, which is indeed 316 stainless steel.

Perhaps it just wasn’t polished enough like the Skyline?

Overall, I liked it. Great flavor is guaranteed, with some experimentation between your build and the correct airflow insert to match.

Summary of The Dvarw MTL Clone RTA


  • Complete set with all accessories for under $30
  • Well machined and high-quality o-rings
  • Lots of possible combinations and looks
  • Air flow range from tight MTL to medium DL
  • Holds 5ml – 2ml of e-liquid based on your preference
  • Easy to wick once you the method right
  • Looks great on all 22 mm tube mods


  • Bottom-fill only (which is a pro for some people)
  • Build deck made for 28g to 24g round wire
  • No adjustable bottom airflow for extra fine-tuning
  • I hated, and never used, the included drip tip

For the money, this Dvarw clone is a steal. I highly recommend it because, with some patience, you can get the exact type of airflow you’re looking for. The flavor is good, wicking is easy, and refilling is simple. Zero bells and whistles, zero innovation.

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