Snowwolf 200W Plus Review – Touch Screen Mod


In my Snowwolf 200W Plus review, I’m going to show you exactly how this device works, the problems and issues with the Snowwolf 200W Plus, and give it a score.

I’ve always wanted to own an Snowwolf, but when new mods started popping up every few days, I kind of forgot about it. I mean, I already own multiple Evolve DNA mods, mech mods, squonk mods and even a couple of stabwood mods that I am pretty satisfied with.

Gearbest sent me the Snowwolf 200W Plus for review, and honestly I didn’t know what to expect. It looks pretty much like the older Snowwolf, except that you control the settings via a small touchscreen instead of the regulatory buttons.

The version I got is the matte black version, although you can get the Snowwolf 200W Plus in stainless steel, black and gold.

Here are the specs for the Snowwolf 200W Plus mod:

  • Zinc alloy body construction, measuring 8.60 x 4.70 x 2.45 cm
  • Touch screen operation
  • Uses 2x 18650 batteries, which are not included of course
  • Output voltage between 0.5 – 7.5V
  • Regular wattage power between 10 – 235W
  • Temperature control between 100 – 300 Deg.C / 212 – 662 Deg.F
  • Multiple protections for your safety
  • Spring loaded 510 pin

Snowwolf 200W Plus Review: Pros

  • It’s small & sexy – Yes I go straight to the looks, and this mod looks so sleek & sexy. There’s nothing revolutionary about the design, but in this case simplicity works. Plus, its pretty portable.
  • Can fit atomizers up to 24mm – Ok this may be a con for you cloudchasers out there using a Mason Dumptank, but lets be honest, 24mm is good enough for most regular vapers.
  • Performs well in wattage and temp control – Although for me nothing can compare to a DNA mod, I would say that the performance from the Snowwolf 200W Plus is good.

Snowwolf 200W Plus Review: Cons

  • It’s a damn fingerprint magnet – I don’t mean just the screen! Fingerprints, liquid residue and even dust shows up all over the mod. Now, this may not be an issue on the glossy versions, but it most definitely an eye sore on my mod.
  • I hate the touch screen controls – To be honest I think I would have preferred the two regulatory buttons. Touch screens are great, but are a bit annoying to work with.

The Snow Wolf 200W Plus is going to have a tough time competing with sleek DNA mods like the Therion or Finder. Overall, it’s a good mod, but other than the looks I honestly don’t see it ranking as the top mod in anyone’s list.

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