Dotmod Dotbox V2 300W Mod Review – Vape Jewelry?


If you’re looking for a nice piece of vape jewellery, you may want to consider watching this Dotmod Dotbox V2 review

The Dotbox V2 by Dotmod is a gorgeous box mod with tons of bling – like 24k gold type of bling..

Like all other Dotmod products, you get the sense that it’s going to favor looks over performance, and you’re not wrong.

There was actually a Dotbox V1 that used an Evolve DNA 200 board in it. However, V1 saw very limited release, and only a handful of people own one. Then Dotbox went ahead with V2, featuring their own custom board. They also have a Dotbox 75W, which again uses their own custom board.

As I say many times in this video, it’s a mistake on their part to do away with the DNA board. They took a huge risk with their own unproven board, but will it pay off?

Lets see some specs for the Dotmod Dotbox V2:

  • Maximum Wattage Output: 300W
  • Three-Cell 1300mAh LiPo Battery
  • Equivalent to 3900mAh 3.7 Cell – 14.4 Watt Hour
  • Dotmod’s Proprietary Chipset
  • Bypass Mode – Direct Battery Output
  • Power Mode – Variable Wattage
  • Temperature Control Output
  • Supports Ni200, Titanium, and 316L Stainless Steel
  • Minimum Atomizer Resistance: 0.06ohm
  • Hard-Anodized Custom Aluminum Shell
  • 24K Gold-Plated Buttons
  • Available in Blue, Red, and Gold

Dotmod Dotbox V2: Pros

  • Sexy premium look – Yes I know it’s subjective, but I think the Dotbox V2 looks sexy. Plus, which other mod do you know of that has 24k gold-plated buttons? I love the simple design, and although it feels a bit bulky, it’s not that difficult to carry around.
  • Great build quality – I think the build quality is just awesome. The anodized paint job, like other Dotmod products, is smooth and feels great.
  • Works well in power and TC modes – Although I prefer a DNA mod, I do think that you can get good performance from the Dotmod board in both power and temperature control modes.

Dotmod Dotbox V2: Cons

  • Confusing menu system – This is the first time I am working with this custom board. Although it was not hard to use, there are some inconsistencies. For example, when I am already in TC Stainless Steel mode, the board still starts out at Ni200 mode when I access the settings.
  • Maximum of 24mm atomizers – About 80% of the atomizers I own are 24mm or smaller, so this is not an issue for me personally. However, it’s worth mentioning as a con for those who regularly use 25mm atomizers.
  • Li-Po battery with no pass-through charging – I am not against LiPo batteries, but I expect them to have pass-through charging. That basically means you can vape on the device while it’s charging. The Dotbox V2 unfortunately cannot be vaped while you have the USB cable plugged in.
  • No firmware support – Yes the firmware is upgradeable, but where the fuck is the firmware updater and instructions? I tried searching everywhere, found nothing. This would not be an issue if they went with a DNA board.

Overall, you should see the Dotbox as some form of vape jewellery. It has the bling and it looks sexy. It should be a great conversation starter and stand out among all the cheap SMOKs and Sigeleis.

But, as a performance mod, it doesn’t quite deliver. $199 can get you almost all of the excellent DNA mods I list on this page. If you’re a beginner, you may want to also check out my guide to buying a vape mod.

For me, this is a keeper. I love Dotmod products, and I already have a few performance mods. So this is a nice piece of vape jewellery that will make me feel important and rich when I need to feel so.

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