Best Stab Wood & Hybrid Mods – Regulated & Mechanical Mods Made From Stabilized Wood!


If you’re looking high-end stabilized wood or hybrid stab wood mods, you’ve come to the right place. My mission is to list all the best stab wood mods right here with pictures, price range, tech specs and where you can get them on a single page.

When I wanted to get a stab wood mod, I realized how terribly inefficient the whole HEMO (high-end mod) segment really is. A lot of information is hidden behind secret Facebook groups. There a lack of third-party reviews, and the buying process is a pain in the ass.

In this list I will be using pictures of stab wood mods that I got from FB groups and Google, because I do not own these stab wood mods. If you want to be credited for the picture let me know.

** I am constantly growing this list, and information about stab wood mods can be hard to find. If you think I should include something in this list or got something wrong, please do leave a comment and let me know.

Stab Wood Regulated Mods

The most sought-after regulated stabilized wood mods. These do not include stab wood variations of mass-produced mods like the Kodama.

JB Woodworks

RRP: $380 – $660 

Evan Ripple from JB Woodworks make all types of mods, but the stabwood squonk mods are really hot right now.

  • Elaine Benes aka Elaine V2 – 18650/DNA60/DicodesBF60
  • Cosmo Kramer aka Fishy aka Andrea – 18650/DNA60/DicodesBF60
  • Jerry Seinfeld aka Alexis V2 – 18650/20700/21700/DNA75C
  • George Costanza aka CANTSTANDYA aka JBBF Squonk 18650 Mosfet

Sohers Mod Design (SMD)

RRP: $450 – $600 

Ghost Dragon is one of the newer designs from SMD, but they are always creating new freehand designs. They now also make stabwood squonk mods.

  • 86mm hight (varies)
  • DNA75 / mechanical
  • 1×18650

Carlos Creation

RRP: $480 – $900 

One of the most sought-after devices, Carlos Creation puts the bling in your mod with a tons of accessories. The cream of the crop, stab wood mods are just a part of their entire high-end catalog. Sales is via their FaceBook group.

  • DNA40 / SX350J, 18650 or 26650 batteries
  • single dye / double dye stabilized wood
  • custom box, basic beauty rings included

Axis Vapes

RRP: $375 – $620 

Based in the United States, Axis Vapes sells through a proper website and unique reserve-checkout system, where you can easily find the mod you want. No rafffles, X1 or other crap. The pictures are very accurate.

  • DNA200 (M17 models) opwered by a custom 1,100MaH LiPo battery
  • DNA75 (M17 mini) powered by 18650 or 26650 batteries
  • single/double dyed wood, hybrid wood, UV-reactive materials
  • large wood box packaging, no drip tip / extras included

Mellody Mods

RRP: $430 Upwards 

The Mellody Box is an iconic mod, with a minimalist design. Sales are through pre-orders announced in the FB Group.

  • DNA40 chipset, 18650 or 26650
  • single/double dyed / hybrid wood
  • custom packaging

RRP: $580 – $650 

Based in Malaysia, Blackrose has a very active FaceBook group where you can view their latest designs. Buying is through limited lists, X1 posts, or raffle.

  • DNA40 (most common) and DNA75 (newer models) chipsets
  • single/double dyed wood, some hybrid wood
  • stab wood driptip (included), beauty rings (included), wood box packaging

Dendro Mods

RRP: $799 

The wood bodies are machined by hand with no help of CNC. All sales are done 1 at a time through this page. Sales are by X1 quickstrikes or randomizers.

  • DNA 60
  • 18650
  • Catch Cup

DPM Mods International

RRP: $410 

Based in Philippines, they make the Nataraki mod as well as other high-end non-wood mods and squonkers. Sales is via the FaceBook group or page by batches.

  • SX350J (most common) / 18650 or 26650
  • single dye / double dye / hybrid / advanced
  • custom box packaging

Vicious Ant

RRP: $400 – $800

Also based in Philippines, they make high-end mods, and the stabwood mods are only a part of their collection. You can pick up a mod directly from their online store.

  • SX350J (Duke SX), DNA75 (Primo)
  • 18650 or 26650 depending on the mod
  • double dye / hybrid wood
  • custom box packaging, matching drip tip

ENT Custom Mods

RRP: $200 – $220 

Based in Ukraine and managed by Yuriv Loboda, these minimalistic mechs are gorgeous. Buying is via periodic lists published on the FaceBook group.

  • single dye / double-dye, 22/24mm mods
  • copper, brass or stainless steel tubes & switches
  • stab wood driptips (add-on), wood box packaging
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