Cheap Atomizer Stands & Vape Stands


Got more vaping stuff that you expected? Here are a few cheap atomizer stands and vape stands you can get to get all your shite organized and avoid accidents with your precious vape gear.

This stand cost me just and was really easy to build. It has non-slip pads at the bottom, which my previous vape stand didn’t have. It can fit five atomizers up to 25mm in diameter, and each cutout has 510-sized cutout at the bottom so your atomizers don’t move about when you put them in.

Click here to get this stand and similar ones from FastTech.

If you buy other stand from FastTech, please check for the size of the holes and if they have the bottom cutouts like in the stand I show in thie video. Those will be the best, the other stand you see in FastTech are sometimes poor quality or cannot fit modern atomizers.

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