One RDA Review – The Next Big Thing?


I rarely get in to buy an RDA in the first batch, let alone a high-end RDA that requires joining a group and participating in randomizers. That’s why I was glad to receive the One RDA for the purposes of this review.

One is a collaboration between Vikset Mods and 67 Mods, both groups carrying significant weight in the high-end vape community. Vikset is well-known for making after-market caps for many top high-end RDAs. 67 Mods is known for their new Neofet mods, which feature a slick and elegant design.

Needless to say, this RDA is going to be hyped up in 2018, simply because of the pedigree behind it. The One RDA is 22mm, comes with both standard and BF pins, a Delrin topcap with two driptips. No stainless steel cap.

The cost is €100 and in order to purchase, you need to join the One group. In the group, you must participate in randomizers, while the actual payment and shipment will be done by Squonk Radar.

In fact you can see the product on Squonk Radar, but you cannot access it unless you have a password. The password is given to the winners of the randomizer.

It is a single-coil RDA like most squonking RDAs are. If you’re looking for a Mouth-to-Lung RDA this is not it, but you do get a great restrictive vape from it.

One RDA Review – Pros

  • High-end feel – Some may disagree with me, but I think a high-end RDA should not come in cheap plastic containers. The One RDA’s packaging although not luxurious is certainly fit for a high-end RDA.
  • Good build quality – I wish I could say that it has the best build quality I have seen, but I cannot. The build quality is good, both the deck and the topcap.
  • Easy to build – This is a straightforward RDA. Slot your coils in, tighten, position, fire and wick. Although there are two negative posts, the one you’re most probably going to use is the post on the opposite of the positive.
  • Good flavor – Again I would like to say I got great flavor, but at this point after using and reviewing so many single coil RDAs, I cannot. The flavor is good, but I think I get better flavor from my Gas Mods GR1, Vaponaute Le Supersonic, Basic RDA and a few others I have in my stand.

One RDA Review – Cons

  • Looks too generic – I understand the decision to make it look simple, but I think it’s a bit too simple. Too plain to look like something new. In fact I would say there’s nothing new in the One RDA at all. You’ve seen it all before, even with two negative posts.
  • No stainless steel topcap – For low-profile single coil RDAs, I can swear by anthing other than a stainless steel topcap. In fact I hardly use the SS topcap that a lot of RDAs come with. However, I understand that Delrin topcaps do not have the same “getting your money’s worth” feel for a lot of people. Perhaps it should have come with both.

Overall, the One RDA is a pretty good RDA. Good, but not great.

If you want to pick one up, first join the Facebook group and participate in the randomizer. You’ll be given instructions on what to do.

If the group appears like it does’t exist, that’s because they have changed the privacy to “Secret”, so try again in a few days. Or, ask a friend who is already in to invite you as a new member.

** Update: There are now more options for topcaps and driptips, also sold via the group.

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