DPM Li-Mo DNA75c Review – 20700 Version!


Since my initial discovery of the DPM Li-Mo, I’ve always kept an eye out for new Li-Mo versions. I’ve seen the Li-Mo go through some practical changes, especially to the squonk door and bottle design.

I’ve also picked up another Li-Mo DNA60, but ended up selling both my Li-Mos when they announced a new DNA75C version.

The initial DNA75C versions were black Delrin and polished Ultem, both of which didn’t make me want to get one in a hurry. But this latest version you see in the video, made from black Ultem and sandblasted throughout, really caught my attention.

The sandblasted body and 510 / bottom plates really complement each other and make the mod look much higher quality. This is subjective I know, but I prefer matte-looking stuff over shiny stainless steel.

The one you see here has the carbon fiber upgrades for the faceplate and bottle door, and cost me a total of $350. That’s much higher than my first DNA75 Li-Mo, but Ultem is more expensive anyway. They have 18650 variants as well, but I wanted to go with the 20700 version as I felt it better complements the DNA75C.

So here’s the summary of my review for the DPM Li-Mo DNA75C.. but keep in mind there are different finishes and versions for it.

DPM Li-Mo DNA75C: Pros

  • Great build quality – I’ve owned two Li-Mos before this, and I notice a significant improvement in overall quality. Compared to earlier versions where the bevelled edges seem like they were hand-made, all the lines on this Li-Mo were super smooth. The sandblasted finish was perfect, and even the carbon fiber panels were better finished.
  • Fits 24mm RDAs – Another reason I wanted the 20700 version over the 18650 was the fact that the 20700 version fits a 24mm RDA nicely without overhang. With the 18650 you would get a slight overhang from the bevelled edge. Plus, taller RDAs would not look weird on this one like they do on so many of those tiny squonk mods.
  • DNA75c board – It’s clearly better than the DNA75 in all areas. Plus, with the new “Replay” feature it makes it better than most other non-DNA boards as well.
  • Lukkos Silk bottle – They come stock with the Li-Mo, and are a great finishing touch to make this a high-end mod. Although some people swap these out right away to the Lukkos square or other square bottles, I prefer round ones. I think square bottles work great when you press the flat sides, but not the edges like you would on the Li-Mo.

DPM Li-Mo DNA75C: Cons

  • The “large” size – The size is not that big for a DNA75c/20700 combo – it’s about the same size as the Pulse 80. However, it feels larger. I think this is mainly due to the bevelled edges as opposed to rounded edges. But hey, the “boxy” look is what the Li-Mo’s are about. DPM makes other rounded mods like the Casper if you have boxy-looking stuff.
  • The squonk hole – Due to the position and the sharpness of the squonk hole, it does take a bit getting used to. This was the same for the first Li-Mo I used, and I eventually got used to it.
  • The price (subjective) – I paid $350 for this mod, but that’s because I took all the best options. For example, if you choose the Delrin version, 18650 and no sandblasting, the cost will be much lower.

Overall, I am 100% happy with the DPM Li-Mo DNA75c. If there was one thing I could change, would make it easier to replace the faceplate.

See, I also got the regular sandblasted and Ultem faceplate / squonk door combos. However, I cannot actually use them. According to DPM the faceplate is pressure-fitted. That means all you need to do is knock the mod firmly on a safe surface, and the faceplate should pop right out.

I tried knocking the shit out of it and the faceplate didn’t budge. I could knock harder but I’m afraid of damaging the mod.

Other than that, the DPM Li-Mo is a clear winner. It has a unique look, a great board and the improved squonk system makes it much easier to change bottles.

Highly recommended!

To pick up one of these, just join the DPM group and contact one of the admins. You can place your order right away with 50% upfront payment. Your mod should be completed in less than two weeks. Settle the balance and it will be shipped to you via DHL.

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