DPM Li-Mo – Regulated DNA Squonk Mod


I’ve been asked about this awesome DPM Li-Mo regulated squonk mod so many times in previous reviews, that I decided to actually review it.

I was hesitant at first because it’s a “high-end” squonk mod. Plus, they have made so many improvements and variations. What you see in my review is from the earlier batches.

However, I’ve been using the DPM Li-Mo almost every day now, and it’s become my favorite squonk mod, replacing the HCigar VT Inbox. If you’re not up for spending $200 or more on a mod, check out my best affordable squonk mods list and also the best squonk RDAs list for other options.

I thnk I should at least tell you about it, and give you an unbiased review. First, here are some quick specs for the DPM Li-Mo regulated squonk box mod:

  • Body construction is black Delrin, although you can order white delrin, resin or stabilized wood versions.
  • Powered by the DNA75 or DNA60 board
  • Uses a single 18650 battery, and can be charged via the USB cable
  • Measures about (subject to different versions) 83mm x 51mm x 26mm
  • Manual adjustable 510 connection

I have used the DPM Li-Mo more than most of the other mods I have reviewed, and I found both pros and cons.

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DPM Li-Mo Pros

  • Awesome value for money – Expect to pay $200 or more for the Delrin versions, and $400 or more for the stabilized wood ones.
    • This may seem high, but consider the fact that squonk mods made in Europe with similar Delrin construction cost more than €400.
    • The fact that this was made in Philipines could explain the lower cost, but it’s surely a good bang for your buck.
  • Compatible with any atomizer – The manual adjusted 510 is great for making a solid connection with every atomizer. Of course, some extra work is required to get your atties sitting flush.
  • Beautiful construction – The overall finish is awesome on the Li-Mo Delrin version. Reminds me of the SVA Penguin series. The faceplate is flush with the buttons, and the Delrin is super smooth to the touch.
  • Creative squonk design – The liquid bottle is isolated from the rest of your mod to avoid seepage and damage to the internals. This is both pro and con, as I explain below.
  • Very durable – I didn’t know what to expect from a Delrin mod at first. However, my Li-Mo survived a 4-foot drop onto a rough pavement, without so much as a scratch.

DPM Li-Mo Cons

  • Troublesome DNA-75 – I love the DNA75, but a lot of people have already dismissed it due to the low power efficiency and battery warning issues. DPM does offer a DN60 version, so you can choose whichever board you want.
  • Could be more refined –  There are gaps and rough finishing on the battery door, which could have been more refined.
  • Battery cap is tough to unscrew – This is probably redundant by now as they have changed the battery cap design. The oe I have, was a bit difficult to loosen unless you know a secret tip.
  • Difficult to insert squonk bottle One of my biggest frustrations with the DPM Li-Mo is that it is near impossible to get your squonk tube attached to the squonk pin. This is because there is no room for your fingers, and the tube is attached at an angle. Watch my video for how to insert the tube easily when its brand new.
  • Uncomfortable for some – The cutout for the squonk bottle on the DPM Li-Mo can be uncomfortable at first. You will get used to holding the mod eventually in a way that you do not accidentally squeeze the bottle.

The DPM Li-Mo is by no means perfect. Just because it’s considered a high-end mod, doesn’t mean there are no cons.

I find it surprising that no one mentions these cons on the DPM Mod International Facebook group. Then again, I forgot to mention a few myself in the video. Hopefully the written review will connect the dots and explain in better details what I was trying to say.

Overall, the DPM Li-Mo is an excellent requlated squonk mod, perfect for your squonking needs. It looks as good as an SVA Penguin, but costs way less and is much easier to buy.

So how do you get yourself one? 

There is no direct way. You have to join their FaceBook group, and see if there’s a new batch available for pre-order. You’ll need to pay a deposit of 50%, and the rest should be settled before the mod is shipped to you.

If you’re not sure, contact one of the group admins for help. I have always communicated with Sophia Tabangay and she was very helpful at all times. Dexter Val is another admin you might want to contact.

After writing this, I actually ordered myself a revamped DNA60 Li-Mo with carbon fiber faceplate and doors. I might decide to sell off my DNA75 Delrin variant in my used vape auctions, so keep an eye on the latest auctions.

This video was a part of my “Squonk Week” series. Here are the other squonking-related videos:

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