My Best Squonk Mods Compilation Video


Just like my previous post about the best high-end squonk RDAs, I made a small collection fo high-end squonk mods in 2017 because there was a severe shortage of affordable squonk mods.

Today you have things like the Pulse BF Kit, the Aleader Killer and the HotCig RSQ mod which are all great value for money. But believe me, squonk mods were hard to get at one time and you really need to get into the Facebook groups and hunt for some.

This is not a review video per se, but I have done complete reviews of some mods. The mods featured in this video are:

  1. The HCigar VT Inbox (old and refreshed)
  2. The Boxer Classic Squonk Mod
  3. The Lost Vape Halcyon DNA200
  4. The Steam Rabbit Squonk Mod
  5. The Bolt V2 & Accessories
  6. The Lighthouse Mods Squonk Box
  7. The DPM Li-Mo DNA75 / DNA60
  8. The RC Mods Stabwood Custom Squonk
  9. The GProv Hepha Stabwood
  10. The Limelight Gloom
  11. The SVA Punto Zero V1
  12. The Art n Mod EVO DNA75

It’s a pretty long video, but hey I did talk about 12 different mods here so bear with me..

As I said, you can get a lot of different affordable squonk mods right now. If however you decide to hunt for some higher-end squonk mods, make sure you watch my video on how to buy high-end vape stuff. It will help a lot.

Plus, take a look at my best high-end squonk RDA video where I show you the best squonk RDAs of 2017 along with all the sexy topcaps and accessories.

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