Haku Cruiser / Phenom Ultem Caps from YFTK


I was lucky to get a Haku Phenom very early, for the purpose of my review. Recently, I also scored a Haku Phenom. Now with two Hakus on hand, I had to shop around for some caps.

I already had a clear cap from Chris Mun, and two Vikset caps. However, when I came across this YFTK cap for the Haku I was tempted. Since I do not own a Haku clone, I was pretty sure it will not fit 100%.

But… it only costs $7.99 so I decided to take the risk anyway.

I got it yesterday and what do you know, it’s a perfect 100% fit.

It looks exactly like the limited-run Ultem topcap from Haku themselves, but I remember this YFTK version being around much longer. Unlike the authentic Haku Ultem cap, this is PEI and looks a little bit more cloudy & yellowish.

Another cap that fit perfectly is the black Ultimate Level 1.2 V-style airflow cap. This was designed after the Haku as well, but again I wasn’t sure if it would fit. It did, perfectly.

I guess it’s my lucky day!

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