Tiger, Fused Clapton, Alien Clapton & Other Premade Coils


Feel the urge to try out a fancier built but no time to fiddle around with a drill?

Same here. That’s why I think these prebuilt fancy coils are a good thing to get and just feed our curiosity! You can get any type of fancy coil you one, prebuilt. All you have to do is slot it into your post deck, dry burn, wick it with organic cotton, and vape.

In this video I show you the Tiger coil, Hive coil, Fused Clapton, and Alien Clapton. I do think however the “Alien” clapton should have been called “Flat Clapton” or something, but a lot of manufacturers seem to be naming it Alien Clapton, so I have no idea whats going on.

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