Think Vape Finder 167 Review – Better Than Expected!


While shopping for my Lost Vape Therion, I noticed the Think Vape Finder 75 and wondered why a company would make two devices that competes with each other. Silly me, I soon realised that they were from two different companies, although the similarities are certainly striking.I had to choose the Therion 75 over the Finder 75 that time, but when I saw the Think Vape Finder 167 I just had to get it. To my surprise, the quality and performance of the Think Vape Finder is similar to the Lost Vape Therion.It comes with good packaging, and includes a user manual and USB cable for charging and firmware upgrades. Here are the specs for the Think Vape Finder 167:

  • Comes with Evolv DNA 250 board
  • Variable Wattage: 1 – 167W
  • Temperature Control range: 200 – 600 Deg.F
  • Temperature Control mode: TC – Ni / Ti / 316SS
  • Using 2pcs 18650 batteries (not included)
  • Magnetic cover, abalone button (black version)
  • Body Material: zinc alloy and genuine leather and leather
  • 510 thread

The materials are different between the white and black versions, and when I did the review I noticed Think Vape also launched a blue version. The white version has carbon fiber instead of leather.

Think Vape Finder 167: Pros

Here are some pros for the Think Vape Finder 167:

  • Beautiful design and quality – The mods itself is stunning, and the build quality and design are top-notch.
  • Comfortable to hold and use – The overall size is just perfect for your hands no matter how you vape, and pretty portable for a dual 18650 battery device.
  • Logical 510 port position – At first, the position for the 510 seemed weird to me, but I soon got the hand of it, and I think it’s actually a more logical option. Your 24mm or 25mm atomizers will set flush and will not scratch the mod easily.
  • Uses the DNA250 board – The most powerful chipset right now, with USB charging, firmware upgrades via Escribe and complete customisation options
  • Replaceable 18650 batteries I prefer mods that use 18650 batteries over ones that use a built-in Li-Po battery.
  • Good price – You’ll be able to pick up a Think Vape Finder 167 for a little less than the Lost Vape Therion 166, and the price is good for a DNA250 mod.

Overall, this mod has a ton of good things going for it. Now, lets get to the cons..

Think Vape Finder 167: Cons

Here are some pros for the Think Vape Finder 167:

  • Heavy on Stainless Steel for TC mode – For whatever reason, the DNA board has way too many Stainless Steel presets like “Insane” or “Crazy”. The only difference between these presets is the amount of watts used. I think they should have configured the board for Ni200, Titanium and other wires as well.

Yes, I could not find any other flaw for the Lost Vape Finder 167. The Lost Vape mods are always overshadowed by the Lost Vape ones that offer a little more luxury, but they are by no means not as good.The Think Vape Finder 167 has made it to my list of the best Evolve DNA box mods, and I think it deserves to be there. Overall, a powerful and beautiful mod that I enjoy using daily.Get the Think Vape Finder 167 at the best price here!

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