Frankenskull Clone – Mechanical Squonk Mod


The Frankenskull clone I am about to show you in this video is by no means perfect, but it’s the best clone I can find right now. I will update this post with better clones as they become available.

The authentic Frankenskull squonk mod has achieve legendary status and is extremely hard to get. You can try your luck buying used ones, but be ready to pay about $400 (at least) for them.

Many people are shocked that a 3D printed (or injection molded?) bare mechanical mod can fetch such a premium price, but that’s how it is in the high-end mod market. People want what they cannot get, and are willing to pay for it.

I got this Frankenskull clone to see what all the fuss is about. Of course, you’ll need a bottom-feeding atomizer to go with the Frankenskull clone, and I’ve chosen the Hadaly clone by SXK to complete it, making this the perfect all-clone squonk setup.

There are Frankenskull clones that include a squonking RDA, but I do not think much of them, especially where there are tons of better options to choose from.

Since I will be doing a separate review for the SXK Hadaly clone, let this post be just about the Frankenskull clone. Let me take you through the pros and cons..

Frankenskull Clone: Pros

  • Its bloody cheap – The body is polycarbonate, injection molded. It’s very light, and feels like its worth $15. You would be fine with that until I told you the authentic costs 20x more, then you would be screaming with joy (or agony).
  • Build quality is ok – Magnets work fine, door fits perfectly ok, nothing to complain here.
  • Powerful mech mod – Even more expensive DNA75 squonk mods cannot deliver the raw power of a mechanical mod. That’s one thing you’re sure to get with this Frankenskull clone.
  • Adjustable 510 connection – Unlike earlier clones, this Frankenskull clone has an adjustable 510 connection, so you can get a flush fit for your atomizers while getting a firm contact.

Now, there are also many cons, which you will have to deal with..

Frankenskull Clone: Cons

  • Easy to tear battery wraps – Because of the way the contacts are located and the lack of wiggle room, your battery wraps are going to tear eventually. You can be careful, but that’s not going to help much.
  • Squonking bottle is ineffective – The main issue with the Frankenskull clone is the bottle. The bottle on this clone I got is reportedly much better than previous clones, but its easy to get air bubbles trapped inside the tube, reducing the effectiveness. That means you have to press harder.

One simple solution mentioned by my commenters is to place an o-ring at the bottom of the threads. I found this to be extremely helpful and solved most of my issues.

Also, you can reportedly use a Kanger Dripbox bottle in here, make a hole in the cover and fit the tube in. Many people have done that and have had good results. You can also tray different squonk bottles like the Cappy, the Supersoft bottles or the

Overall, at $15 its worth a shot, provided you know the issues and you know the workaround solutions. It’s not a perfect clone, and I’m surprised why the cloners could not get such a simple device right the first time.

Time will tell if better Frankenskull clones appear, and I will most certainly update the links on this page to the best version.

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