Best Vape Clones – The Ultimate List of Clone Tanks and RDAs!


DISCLAIMER: I do not enourage clones, and I do agree that clones are a violation of someone’s hard work. However, in the vape industry clones are sometimes the only option available to a non-US vaper. If you understand why you need to buy clones, and how to get the best clones, it will actually help you appreciate the authentic products even more.

If you’re looking for the best, highest-quality clone RDAs, RDTAs, squonkers, sub-ohm tanks and clearomizers, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve spent weeks developing this list, and I truly think it’s the ultimate list of the best “Grade A” clones you can find today.

This list is based on my own experience, research, and published reviews from major clone websites like FastTech and 3FVape. I will add more vape clones to this list over time, so make sure you check back often.

** If you want to get clones, I recommend getting the ones that are at most 1/4 the price of the authentic. For example, if an authentic is $30 and the clone is $15, it’s not worth getting the clone. If the authentic is $200 and the clone is $20, go for it!

Vape Mods: Regulated & Mechanical

These are the best clone mods available today. Since squonking is the hottest thing right now, most of them re going to be squonk mods.

SXK Billet Box DNA60 ($129 Clone)

This is hands down the best vape clone mod you can buy, if you’re into Billet Boxes or AIO (all in one) mods. Equipped with an authentic DN60 chip and powered by a single 18650 battery, the SXK clone for the Bilet Box is apparently as god as the authentic.

That sort of explains the price, but the SXK Billet Box package also comes with a bridge for using Kanger coils, another for Aspire BVC coils, driptip and “boro” tank.

Now that’s how it should have been done in the first place, so this is excellent value for an excellent mod.

SXK Kennedy 24 Clone – $13

Authentic: $90

Building on the success of the Kennedy 22mm, this larger RDA can fit bigger builds. The SXK clone comes with a two-post deck.

SXK has done a fantastic job at producing a clone that is well worth the money. Its 316 stainless steel24mm in diameter with copper center pin6.5mm juice wells and bottom-airflow.

A near perfect rating from so many users. It’s time to show for a 24mm mech mod to go along with this beast.

SVA Kimech ($45 Clone)

One of the best, hardest-hitting semi-mechanical squonk mods out there today. This clone by YFTK is based on the SVA Kimech, which sells for around $1,000 in various Facebook groups.

It’s near impossible to get one from the source. The clone is by far the best offered by YFTK in terms of quality. I have reviewed this clone, and I was very impressed! The Mosfet switch hits perfectly, and the form factor is so somfortable.

Uses a single 18650 battery and a Supersoft bottle clone with 7ml capacity. Imagine that you can buy more than 20 of these for the market price of the authentic!

SVA DNA75 ($89 Clone)

The SVA mod is one of the most sought-after squonk mod, but good luck trying to get one brand new. It also costs a bomb. The YTFK clone can give you an alternative, with an authentic DNA75 board inside the mod!

The body is Delrin and carbon fiber (like the authentic) and the engravings look exactly like the authentic. The bottle capacity is 6.8ml.

Vape Clones: Tanks & Clearomizers

These are the best tanks for sub-ohm vaping or MTL vaping. Older stuff is included in the “classics” section at the bottom.

SXK Insider for Billet Box – $12

Authentic: $139

The Steamtuners Insider clone by SXK is perhaps the hottest “tank” in 2017, due to the success of the SXK Billet Box featured above. For the first time, many people could afford a Billet Box, and the bridge that takes the BB to a whole new level.

The authentic Insider by Steamtuners retails for 10x more. If you’re new to the BB and not sure if you will like the insider, the SXK clone is a good item to try.

Coppervape Skyline RTA Clone – $23

Authentic: $220

The Skyline RTA by Esmoke Guru is one of the most flexible tanks I have ever used. The key to its success (watch my review) is the ability to switch airflow discs and fine tune your airflow.

Wide open, cloud chasing, restricted or Mouth-to-Lung? No problem just use the right airdisc.

This Coppervape clone is one of the best. Plus, they also have 10 different airdisc options, ultem driptips and spare tanks for the Coppervape at a very cheap price.

Coppervape HUSSAR RTA Clone – $20

Authentic: $200

The Hussar RTA is a gorgeous tank with 5.7ml juice capacity, and its 22m size is perfect for almost any mod you own. The authentic costs more than most of the other high-end tanks, and has additional decks and topcaps sold seperately.

Initial clones by SJMY only had the dual coil deck, which is not the deck most people wanted. Coppervape’s clone is single coil, and you can also get the torpedo cap, micro tank, MTL kit and more. Watch my review to see the SJMY clone, which is also good but obviously not as good as the Coppervape version.

This tank was designed for flavor, and the clone delivers just as good as the authentic. I have to put this in the top 5 clones because it’s just so damn good.

SXK Kayfun V5 “Mini” Clone – $19

Authentic: No such thing.

I’m putting this on top because I feel like it’s THE BEST vape clone I have ever bought.

Of course, there is no such thing as an authentic Kayfun 5 “mini”. SXK beat Svoemesto to the punch with this one.

They took all the best parts of a Kayfun V5, and proportionally reduced the overall height. In my opinion, I get better flavor out of this than the full-sized Kayfun V5s, including the authentic.

316 stainless steel conscruction, 22mm with a single-coil deck and 3ml juice capacity. It’s got better flavor than the Goblin Mini V3, the Serpent Mini and almost any other short tank I have ever tried.

The SXK Kayfun V5 Mini is a must have.

SXK Kayfun 5 Clone – $24

Authentic: $120

Although the SXK clone was not the first to hit the market, in my opinion it’s the best. In my review, I compare the SXK and Svoemesto Kayfun V5, showing you exactly how good this clone is.

316 stainless steel consctuction, 22mm diameter, single-coil deck and 5ml juice capacity. The airflow is tigher than on the authentic Kayfun V5, but just as smooth. In fact, most people prefer the airflow on the SXK Kayfun V5.

SXK Taifun GT 3 – $10

Authentic: $150

The Taifun GT III was an eagerly awaited upgraded to the version 2. This version is 23.5mm, has a much better build deck that even beginners can work with, juice flow control that works, and a large 5ml capacity.

Watch my review of the SXK Taifun GT 3 for more information. This Taifun clone is high quality, and you’ll have a tough time trying to fault it even when you have the authentic.

SXK Hurricane V2 Clone – $21

Authentic: $150

This clone costs $21? Yes it does, but it’s worth every penny. The SXK Hurricane V2 clone has amazing build quality, as good as the authentic. Plus, you get a fully loaded kit with three airflow inserts (including MTL), a polycarbonate tank and juice flow insert.

316 stainless steel build, 23mm with 2.5ml capacity. If you need help building or wicking this, please check my YouTube reviews. I have the authentic, and can hardly tell the difference.

Hurricane Junior Clone – $13

Authentic: $120

The Hurricane Junior is an improvement over the design of the Hurricane 1.5, aalso listed in this page. It’s now easier to build on, has less parts, and larger airflow.

22mm diameter, stainless steel construction with polycarnonate tank and single coil deck, this tank can fit 2.5ml of juice. In my review of the Hurricane Junior clone, I got great flavor and vapor production.

Some people love the way it looks, others don’t. For the price, this clone performs like a champ and will not let you down.

Petri RTA Clone – $18

Authentic: $70

The Petri RTA clones I recommend, comes in both 22mm and 24mm versions. Personally, I preferred the 24mm version as I explained in this review.

You get 2ml or 5ml, depending on the version. The stainless steel build quality on both is fantastic. Both are meant for dual-coil builds. Wicking is easy when you know how to do it.

The Petri RTA features a postless build deck. Building on this can be a bit difficult as you’ll need to loosen and tighten the 510 pin.

The flavor and vapor production on both are great, although I think the 24mm is better suited for the postless design.

Yellowkiss Pico Clone – $10

Authentic: $150

The Yellowkiss Pico RTA has a die-hard fan base, who claim this is the best flavor tank ever. But of course, thats what they say about every other MTL tank you see on this page.

The Pico is 22mm in diameter, with a juice capacity of 3ml and top-filling. I found the clone to be great quality, and it confirmed my belief that I do not need to get the authentic.

The clone I am recommending is Stainless Steel, and comes with an extra polycarbonate tank, as well as the Joyetech Ego CLR adapter. Wih the adapter, you can use the CLR head and get more juice capacity, with better flavor.

SXK DDP One Clone – $17

Authentic: $150

Unlike the DDP Tyfon RDA which was lame, the DDP One is an interesting genesis-style tank that you should have in your collection.

The DDP One is 22mm in diameter, with a juice capacity of 2ml and a unique top airflow system. The build area is tiny, which results in superior flavor.

Take a look at my review of the SXK DDP One clone to see how the unique airflow and build deck works. This is not for the impatient vaper however, since buiding and wicking takes time.

Vape Clones: RDAs & RDTAs

RDAs are simple, yet so expensive. Here are the best clone RDAs and RDTAs I have ever come across, many of which I personally own.

Armor 1.0 RDA – $20 (Clone)

The most overhyped RDA of all time, the Armor! Its a tiny RDA that can pack a punch, and was designed for squonking.

With a 22mm diameter, you can fit medium sized builds for both single or dual-coil setups. The thing that makes the Armor different is the airflow. Expect a smooth vape with minimal spitback and awesome flavor, even with the clone.

The authentic is almost impossible to get, but this 1:1 clone by YTFK is a really good substitute.

Hussar RDTA (Clone) – $50

The Hussar RDTA is a tiny 22mm, stylish squonking RDA that will look great on any mod. It fits 510 driptips only, and has a super-small chamber. The hidden “tank” holds 2ml of juice, and is a part of the stainless steel construction.

I’ve used this personally, and is one my favorite squonking RDAs right now. You can see how the build deck works in my Hussar RDTA clone review, and how to wick it. Nothing complicated here. It works well, and the flavor is awesome.

Hadaly RDA (Clone) – $15

Authentic: $65

The Hadaly RDA is one of the best flavor-chasing RDAs I have personally used, and comes with the squonk pin at no extra cost. It has a low-profile and a unique single-coil clamp-style deck.

It’s a 22mm atty with a minimalist exterior design, ans adjustable side airflow. I’ve used it with the Hcigar VT Inbox and the Geekvape pre-built coils for an amazing vape, and thats why the Hadaly is at the top of this list.

Authentic topcaps will fit perfectly with this clone, for more information see my Hadaly Clone Vs Authentic Review.

SXK Kryten RDA (Clone) – $15

Authentic: $70

Psyclone Mods hit paydirt with the Hadaly RDA, but the Kryten has nothing in common except that it also has a squonk pin.

This SXK clone of the Kryten is fabulous, well machined and even comes with a resin driptip. 24mm in diameter with side adjustable airflow, you can get great flavor from the Kryten.

Velocity RDA (Clone) – $10

Authentic: $170 (Discontinued)

This Velocity RDA clone was one of the first RDAs I have ever owned, and I was blown away from the first vape. The athentic has been discontinued, so I highly recommend you try this vape clone.

At 22mm with a Velocity deck and 6.5mm juice wells, this RDA can chuck the clouds and give you wonderful flavor. It all depends on your build, and how you set up your airflow.

This clone I recommend is made out of Stainless Steel, has a copper center pin, and a replacement bottom-feeding / squonking center pin.

Velocity V2 RDA (Clone) – $10

Authentic: $99

This is 22mm RDA is the successor to the older Velocity RDA shown above. It has larger Velocity post decks that can fit larger builds, with overall improved deck.

Comes with a single-piece glass topcap, that I actually prefer over the regular topcap. This Velocity clone also has a copper center pin, and comes with a bottom-feeding pin for squonking. In terms of the vape, it’s almost identical to the version 1 Velocity.

Watch my review of the Velocity V2 clone for more information.

Velocity Mini Clone – $7

Authentic: No such thing.

Smaller in height than the Velocity and Velocity V2, it has a wider Delrin driptip than both! 22m with Velocity build deck and lot of adjustable airflow (direct/indirect), you can install decent builds and get amazing flavor.

There’s no such thing as an authentic Velocity Mini, so this falls under the category of fantasy clone, just like the Kayfun V5 mini.

It has amazing build quality, and the deck screws have been holding up nicely. The shorter profile gives it better flavor, and the post holes are as large as the Velocity V2 clone above.

Comes with a squonk pin for bottom-feeding mods. Watch my Velocity Mini clone review for more information.

Petri V2 RDA Clone – $27

Authentic: $80

I loved this clone so much, I bought the authentic Petri V2 not long after.

It has fixed airflow, so you got to maximize it and put in the right build. The dual-post build deck takes some patience, but the knurled screw helps make it easier to work with.

Watch my Petri V2 clone review for more information and unboxing.

Tokugawa Clone – $13

Authentic: $90

The Tokugawa is an underrated RDA, although I found it to be better than the Kennedy 24 in terms of flavor. The Tokugawa features a cross-post deck which will take some time to get used to, but unique nevertheless.

The Tokugawa has adjustable bottom airflow and adjustable side airflow, is 24mm in diameter and made out of stainless steel.

You can shut off the bottom airflow with the center screw, and the included chuff cap is a great value. The Tokugawa RDA looks great, performs great, and is available at a great price.

Watch my Tokugawa clone review for more information and unboxing.

Vape Clones: The Classics

In this section I list the classic tanks that shaped vaping history, and are still popular today. I recommend adding these clones to your collection before they are discontinued!

Kayfun Mini V3 – $9

Authentic: $100

The Kayfun Mini is still one of the best Mouth-to-Lung tanks available today. It has a unique airflow control that can give you a dense, flavorful vape. This clone is high-quality and works just as well as the authentic, as you can see from the excited reviews on most online stores.

Stainless steel / pyrex, 19mm with single-coil deck, and holds 2ml of juice and is a top-filling tank. The airflow has to be adjusted with a screw inside the 510 connection, but the stock airflow is perfect for most people.

It’s quite common for vapers to buy several of these small, hassle-free tanks. If you already have a Kayfun V5, the Kayfun Mini clone will be very familiar.

Vaponaute Le Magister Clone – $5

Authentic: $120

The Vaponaute Le Magister is an iconic genesis-style atomizer, a favorite among high-end stabwood mod owners. It’s very difficult to get an authentic Le Magister brand new, so the clones are becoming very popular.

This 22mm clone is one of the higest-rated I have seen, made out of 316 stainless steel. There are many lower-quality Le Magister clones that I recommend you stay away from.

For five bucks, you have nothing to lose to give this a try and see if you like the flavor and airflow that you can get from its reduced chambers.

Ubertoot UTA2 Clone – $31

Authentic: $190

The Ubertoot is another love-or-hate tank. Thos who love it claim that you will not get a more flavorful vape than any other tank. Thos who hate it will obviously start with the ridiculous price.

At 22mm with a 5ml juice capacity, the Ubertoot sits pretty with rivals like the Kayfun, Taifun and Hurricane.

The clone I recommend come in packaging that is similar to the authentic, made out of  Stainless Steel, and comes with a mini kit. Using the mini kit will reduce the juice capacity to 2.5ml, but give you a more flavorful vape.

It’s the most expensive clone I’m listing here, almost as much as a modern RDA or tank, but the positive reviews and ratings make it worth a try.

Kabuki Clone – $9

Authentic: $99

This one-hit-wonder by House of Hybrids is a popular clearomizer among MTL vapers who love the convenience of using stock coils. On a 20w device (think Provari P3) with the Aspire Nautilus BVC coils, this tank is the best in its class.

There have been quite a few Kabuki clones before, but the one I recommend here has the highest ratings. Its 22mm, made out of 304 stainless steel, and packs 3ml of juice with top-filling.

Don’t forget to your yourself an extra pack of those Nautilus BVC coils – or a pack of Steamtribe coils!

Taifun GT II (V2) – $13

Authentic: $150 (139 Euros)

A rival to the Hurricane, the Taifun GT2 is another mainstay in the Mouth-to-Lung world. Just like the Hurrican, this tank can be customized with so many accessories, it’s sometimes difficult to know you’re looking at a Taifun.

It has a 5ml juice capacity, measures 23mm in diameter, and is made from Stainless Steel. The clone I’m recommending comes in very simple packaging, but is said to be better than the Hotcig clone that actually mimics the packaging of the authentic.

So many 5-star reviews cannot be wrong, this is one of the best clones out there for mouth-to-lung vaping.

Origen Genesis MKII Clone – $13

Authentic: $150

The Origen Genesis MK2 is where the term “genesis-style atomizer” comes from, and is an iconic part of the waping world.

Stainless steel mesh build used to be the only way to get awesome flavor, but cheap and easy-to-use Japanese organic cotton has since taken its place. The MK2 clone support both stainless steel mesh and organic cotton builds, since the deck is removeable and customizeable.

The clone I recommend is made out of Stainless Steel, is 22mm in diameter, and has a juice capacity of 6ml. Building on the MK2 is not easy, so get this only if you’re up for the challenge.

Supports a single-coil cotton build, or a dual-coil mesh build. You can find accessories for it like a different topcap, a shorter tank, and compatible driptips.

Discontinued Clones

Here I list some really good clones that seem to have been discontinued. You may want to check the links to see if they are restocked. Over time I will remove the ones that have been confirmed to be out of production.

Kayfun 4 Clone (Infinite) – $9

Authentic: $180

The Kayfun V4’s legendary taste and airflow is unmatched even today. Many still swear they get a better vape from this 2-year old atomizer than anything available today.

I was so impressed by the Infinite clone, that I eventually bought the authentic. Once you get pass the learning curve of using a Kayfun V4 (it’s uniquely different) and learn how to wick your cotton, this will be your go-to atomizer.

The Infinite clone is just as good as the authentic in terms of build quality, materials, airflow and flavor. I use both daily, so I can guarantee you that.

The Infinite Kayfun V4 is a 22mm316 stainless steel clone that holds 4.5ml of juice with the glass tank, and 5ml of juice with the stainless steel tank. It is a top-fill design, and you can find tons of accessories to customize it.

Another must-try clone, unless you hate Mouth-to-Lung vaping. There are tons of lesser clones out there, so you better get the Infinite version before it runs out of production.

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