SXK Kayfun V5 Clone Vs Svoemesto Authentic Kayfun V5!


Barely a week since I published my in-depth review of the Svoemesto Kayfun 5, I saw the first SXK Kayfun V5 clone on FastTech.

I was so curious about how good it was, so I got myself one and analyzed everything down to the last screw

Needless to say, I had to get it and see exactly how close it came to the authentic Kayfun 5. Besides the Kayfun 5 and the Kayfun Lite Plus V2, all the others I have including the Kayfun Mini V3 and the Kayfun 4 were clones. And I’m actually pretty satisfied with them.

At first glance, the build quality of the SXK Kayfun v5 clone was amazing, just like the authentic. It looks exactly the same. But upon closer inspection, as I show you in this video, there ARE small differences. Watch the video above to see for yourself, part-by-part.

SXK Clone vs Authentic Kayfun 5

Overall, the build quality of the SXK Kayfun V5 clone is perfect. The build deck works exactly like the authentic Kayfun 5, with solid post screws and threading. No leaking, and no issues whatsoever. The vape quality was different with a slightly tighter draw, but this may actually be preferred by the hardcore Mouth-to-Lung vaper.

Watch the video now for an in-depth comparison. I had to put a thin rope in the middle to separate the two, because that’s how close SXK really came to creating a 1:1 clone of the Kayfun v5. The main differences are the tighter airflow, the logo, and the overall height of the tank section.

The SXK Kayfun V5 clone- final thoughts

No disrespect to the Svoemesto who had the hard task of dreaming up, designing, testing and making the Kayfun V5 a reality. They did all the hard work, and no one can take that away from them.

But really, it’s not much different that a lot of the other sub-ohm tanks you can find today, and it costs about $120. Unlike the Kayfun V4, this version make a splash into a market already crowded with sub-ohm tanks.

As I always say, buy the authentic if you can afford it, or get the clone to test it out first if you’re not sure the authentic is going to be something you would want.

That being said, you will not have any regrets getting the Kayfun V5 clone, and you may actually enjoy it more than the authentic. At the price, it’s on the expensive side for a clone, but still worth it.

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