ModMaker 18650 Squonk Mod – DIY Squonk Mod Part 3


So in DIY squonk mod part 1 you saw that I had researched a few DIY options before deciding on the ModMaker squonk mod. In DIY squonk mod part 2 I explained in details about each part, how they work, and what’s great about them.

This is the video where I show you how to put everything together and create your own squonk mod from the ModMaker design. It’s a pretty long video, but I did try to show you everything. I missed out some stuff due to technical errors but I believe all the important stuff is in there.

The hardest part is getting the contacts just right. You might need to adjust it several times to get the perfect throw and perfect fit for the battery. However, if you do it in incremental steps you’ll avoid wasting a contact strip.

The contact strips are just nice for a mod. If you want to try something different you might want to get the longer contact strips sold by ModMaker. There’s barely anything left with the regular strips once you’re done.

Also, you might want to consider getting more than one contact strip.

These copper strips are pretty soft. Bending them in opposite directions a few times will cause the strip to break. I know from first hand experience, that’s exactly what will happen if you get your measurements wrong initially and try to correct it.

Overall, I am pretty happy with my DIY squonk mod project. I have already ordered two new mods, one parallel squonk mod from ModMaker and one Toaster Design mod. I already have all the parts for building those other two mods.

I will create a video for each, but they will not be as long as this one as there are many parts I do not need to explain again.

Enjoy, and remember, there are tons of affordable squonk mods you can buy that are cheaper than building your own. However, the pleasure you get when you build it cannot be compared to buying one.

Plus, you learn a lot along the way, and you’ll know exactly what to look for when buying a mechanical squonk mod in the future.

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