Pico V2 Review & Build Tutorial


In this Pico V2 review, I show you the Pico v2 along with all the extras and accessories, and also show you how to build on it the easy way.

The Pico by Yellowkiss has cult-like following. You either love the Pico, or you hate it. The one thing you cannot do is ignore it, especially when so many people hail the Pico as the ultimate Flavor-chasing RTA.

Is the V2 much better than the V1? What has changed? How good is the Pico really in terms of flavor chasing? All the answers in this review & build tutorial for the Pico v2 by Yellowkiss.

You can get the authentic Pico v2 from the Yellowkiss website.

The total cost of everything I show you in the video is about $320, but the Pico V2 alone costs $165. If all that is way too pricey to you, I also list some vape clones that you might want to check out. I have also done a Pico coiling and wicking tutorial for the v1, which is still mush how you build on the v2, although the wicking method is slightly different.

Here are the basic specs from Yellowkiss:

  • Diameter 22mm
  • Height 30mm (without 510 connector)
  • Wight 32.5g
  • Stainless 394 / PEEK Chamber
  • PMMA Tank (2.8ml)
  • Air hole  1.5mm x 3 (adjustable)
  • Top refill hole 2mm x4

In this video I do the following build on my Pico V2:

  • 24g Kanthal A1 wire, 5/6 spaced wraps on a 3mm bit
  • Wicked with KohGenDo organic Japanese cotton
  • Should read at 0.5 Ohms

I also explain the differences between the Pico V1 and V2 in the video, so watch that first. It’s better to show you the differences than explain it here.

Pico V2 Review: Pros

  • Fantastic flavor – Without doubt, the Pico V2 lives up to the first version, and the flavor is fantastic. The flavor profiles I got from my e-liquids were very accurate, and I could use a lower wattage due to the heat trapped within the PEEK / ultem chambers.
  • More airflow options – Compared to the V1, this version has a more open airflow. Even when using only the single airflow hole, the draw is still not as tight as the V1. With full airflow, it gives you a nice restricted lung hit with lots of vapor.
  • Highly customizable – With so many optional parts, the Pico V2 is highly customizable. I love the clear topcap, and all the ultem parts. I also occasionally use the engraved topcap on certain stabwood mods to complement the overall look.
  • Easy to obtain – You can buy a Pico V2 very easily from the YellowKiss website. Lots of other online stores and certain B&M stores also carry the Pico V2. No need to join a group, X1, randomizer etc.

Pico V2 Review: Cons

  • Pretty steep cost – My total cost was over $300 for the Pico V2 and all the accessories I show in the video. Obviously you don’t need to get them. However at $160 it costs more than most other tanks, even some “high-end” tanks.
  • No driptip included – I hate when companies charge you more than $100 for a tank, and somehow don’t think it’s necessary to include a driptip. This is especially annoying for the Pico V2, since not all driptips will fit and work well with the Pico V2. Some driptips may require removal before you can take the topcap off for refilling.
  • Difficult to build & wick – One of the reasons some people hate the Pico (V1 and V2) is because building and wicking on it is a big pain in the ass. In some ways, its easier to build on the Pico V2, which I’m sure Pico lovers would appreciate. However, it’s still more difficult to build on that your average tank.
  • Difficult to clean & maintain – As you can see in the video, it’s not easy to take apart and clean. The important part here is the bottom stainless steel section that is attached to the PMMA / Ultem tank. It requires a special tool to unscrew easily. You can of course also just use a pair of pliers.

So there you go, my thoughts and my Pico V2 review.

If you like the idea of the Pico and would like to test out how it works without spending all that money, there is a very affordable clone by YFTK. Take note however than I have not tested the clone, so I would not know if it works well.

My advice is to read user reviews on the website, and check out the ratings before you decide to try the Pico V2 clone.

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