Solo RDA First Impressions


So I recently “scored” the Solo RDA by Dee Mods, and it took a few days for the postman to bring it to me. You can understand how excited I was, considering all the hype about this RDA, and the fact that I have spent a good deal of time and money trying to get one.

My first impressions for the Solo RDA are pretty mixed at this point.

The build quality is great, and the RDA truly looks the part of a high-end atomizer. However, I had a lot of frustration trying to get it to just work. Let me explain..

That Bottom Plate!!

The confusing part about the Solo RDA is the floating bottom plate. The purpose of this plate is to align the Solo’s airflow holes after the RDA is secure in the 510 port. So you screw the Solo in, and then you push it down and twist to “lock” it.

Then, you can still move the RDA around about 90 degrees without actually loosening the connection to the 510. When you unscrew the Solo, you will hear a click as it unlocks.

This is fine, but as I had to learn the hard way, it only works on spring-loaded 510s. The problem is, the first mod I used it on was the DPM Li-Mo which has a fixed 510. This whole mechanism just doesn’t work on a fixed 510, but I didn’t know that.

Trying to make it work and sit flush on the DPM Li-Mo was a horrible experience. I was getting “No atomizer found” or “Shorted” messages from my DNA75.

The issue here also is that the o-ring tolerances are a bit off. So the bottom plate mechanism required some force, and it felt like I was going to ruin it. I looked at the tutorial on the Dee Design FB page, where they demonstrated turning the plate with just your fingers.

Oh boy, mine was not that easy! I cut my finger trying to turn it.

The SXK Solo RDA clone however worked perfectly. I was able to grab the 510, push down a little and turn the bottom plate easily. What irony!!

That SOLO RDA Bottom Plate Again!!

So after some FB chat with Dee Design support, I finally realized that in order to make it work with a fixed 510 pin, I had to first lock the bottom plate with my fingers BEFORE I put it on my DPM Li-Mo. And that’s exactly what I did.

My fingers hurt. And at the end of the day with the Solo working, I just cannot ignore the gap at the bottom. After some research I found out that it doesn’t go any lower. Most people use a beauty ring with the Solo, and that’s why you’ve not noticed the gap.

However, not all beauty rings work with the Solo.

My JMK Machi rings for example, do not work. You need to use a beauty ring that is completely covered at the bottom except for the 510. That allows the o-rings at the bottom of the Solo to grab on to it and turn the bottom plate.

Speaking to a few people on Facebook who own a Solo, it seems like most people do not know what it’s for or don’t care to use it. Perhaps they only used it on a spring-loaded (floating) 510 and therefore never even noticed it working.

Either way, my first day with the Solo was frustrating as hell. I wish that bottom plate could be disabled in some way, as I really don’t give a rat’s ass about “positioning” the direction of my airflow holes.

Still, I have to give the Solo RDA a few more days to get used to it and to let the o-rings wear a little and break in. Review coming soon!

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