JMK Tips – What Makes Them So Special?


JMK Tips is one of the most recognizable brands in vaping when it comes to driptips and beauty rings. I’ve always wanted to get myself some, but didn’t want to pay double or triple the cost of a driptip for the shipping.

So recently, I decided to make a bigger order of about 12 different JMK driptips and one Billet Box ultem button. It made more sense to buy a dozen, as the shipping cost was about the same. Plus, I knew that I can easuly sell them off in various Facebook groups.

Although you’ll mostly see JMK driptips on high-end atomizers, they do not operate like most high-end modders do with the X1s, raffles and randomizers.

The good news is that you can go to their website today and order just about everything they have. Some popular ones like the Ultem driptips and accessories seem to be constantly sold out, but everything else is always in stock.

What makes JMK Tips so special and sought-after? I mean, they are after all made of Delrin, a very common material for driptips. Most tanks come with a stock black or white Delrin driptip.

It’s very hard to say, and beauty is subjective.

What I do know however is that not many people specialize in making driptips, especially short ones like the JMK “Nub” line. These make your RDAs and tanks look different, even sexier. Plus, they come in a wide range of colors that can roughly match your mod or RDA bell cap.

The build quality of the JMK tips are excellent, but so are many other driptips. Even $3 driptips can have comparable quality. When you consider that a JMK tips costs about $15 – $20 a piece, it really makes you wonder if you’re paying much more for just the brand name.

Perhaps, their fame is due to a combination of availability, recognizable design and quality. One thing for sure, their designs are still unique and still make your overall setup look better. Surprisingly, they do not seem to be interested in making 810-sized driptips.

You can find their entire range of driptips and accessories at

If you’re confused about driptips, do watch my video about Driptips and how to choose the best one for your vaping style.

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