Review: OBS Crius RTA


I bought the OBS Crius out of curiosity a while back, and as it turned out, I was completely blown away!

In this review, I take apart the OBS Crius and take a look at the pros and cons of this surprising little RTA. The OBS Crius is not for new vapers, as there are no stock coils available. You would need to know how to build your own coils, two of them to be exact, and wick it with organic cotton.

This is my RTA with juice flow control, and I found it to be really cool. You can shut the juice flow controls and remove your deck easily, re-wick or re-build it, and place it back without having to disassemble the rest of the tank.

Plus, the OBS Crius is sidefill, and I’ve filled it many times before making this video with no problems at all. No leaks either, except that one time where I didn’t put enough cotton in my build.Overall, I love the OBS Crius. Of course, something new will come along and beat this, but it’s good to spend money on something that works well, and is built well.

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