Review: Provari Radius by Provape


Last Christmas, I got an awesome gift from Santa – a mod! Not just any more but a made-in-da-USA Provari Radius.

No one has ever bought me cigarettes as a gift, so getting vape gear all wrapped up was freaking cool for me. I ripped off the wrappers to find a Provari Radius, and my heart started pounding hard.

A $200 high-end mod! I would have never forked out my own money to buy it, that was for sure, regardless of how good it was. Just like how I would not get the most expensive guitar, running shoes or car I can afford.

But the excitement faded fast, and I mean fast, as I started to use the Provari Radius.

I created this review two months after my unboxing, so a lot of the frustration had faded away.

But as you can see, using the Provari Radius isn’t exactly intuitive, with the most annoying menu screen I have ever used, and a lot of jumping through hoops to do simple functions that other (cheaper) mods already do perfectly.

I can’t help but feel that the Provari Radius is backwards and inward-looking. I mean, it has a P3 connector with an adapter for a 510 connection. Exactly how many P3-type clearomizers are there in the market?

Since it was a gift, I accept it and still use it regularly, but only to move the wattage up down. All the other gimmicks, especially the cigarette-cost-calculator thing, I have never even bothered to touch.

If I bought this myself, I would definitely feel like I paid $150 in “idiot tax”for believing the Provari-hype and the whole “made in the USA means quality” shite.

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