Provari High Performance End Cap – Solve Your Poor IQ Problems!


The High Performance End Cap by Provape is a game changer for their mods, and let me explain why.

If you own a Provari P3, you’ll understand by now the frustration of seeing “Low IQ” on your mod.

When the P3 was launched, it’s IQ or Input Quality meter was seen as something positive for safety. Today, with all the different type of atomizers and coils available, it means you won’t be able to enjoy most of your atomizers.

In the past, there were a few recommended ways to deal with the Low IQ warning, including checking your build, tightening your atomizer, or even analyzing your battery. It can be very frustrating when you just cannot figure out the problem, and no one can help you.

But the Provari High Performance End Cap makes all that obsolete.

Just by switching to the High Performance End Cap, I noticed that all those IQ warnings disappeared, and everything I screw on either has an IQ of “Good” or “Great”. Another benefit is that you get much better battery life, especially with an 18650 battery.

These end caps come with the Provape Procyon, but will fit the Provari P3 nicely. You will get an added height to your mod though. That could be an issue of you’re using a mod wrapper or a custom leather case for your Provaris.

Now that Provape has gone out of business, its a good idea to get yourself a High-Performance End Cap for your P3 before they become impossible to find. You can get them in satin silver or black.

In the future, I believe that your P3 will be useless when you use newer atomizers and coils, unless your switch to the High-Performance End Cap. Then again, if you’re more than happy vaping with your P3 and Kabuki, you might not actually need it.

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