Provari / Provape Shuts Down – The End of An Era?


I read a post on FaceBook today that ProVape, the company behind the Provari p3, Radius and Procyon, is closing down for good.

Of course, I was shocked. Many people (me included) have criticised their outdated, overpriced mods. In my Provari Radius review a year ago, I was brutal in my opinions of the company.

However, I have since come to appreciate the build quality, smooth vape experience and sexiness of Provape products. I now have a P3 Celtic Knot, two Provari Radius, and two Procyons.

Although their products do not appeal to the cloud chasing crowd, there is actually a huge market of Mouth-to-Lung vapers out there. This group of vapers don’t mind the low wattage output of their devices, and appreciate top-notch quality.

Surely, if companies like Svoemesto can not only survive but thrive with their Kayfun 5, there has to be a niche for Provape in the vape industry?

The End for Provape

Looking at their website, it’s obvious that they are going away forever. They have listed a third-party contact for repairs, but it’s not clear what happens to warranty claims in the future. They have also listed download links for software and manuals, but nothing else.

Their FaceBook page has no updates since late December, and not even a mention of their exit. For an iconic brand in the vape industry, is does seem that their demise isn’t getting much attention.

They blame the FDA regulations, but it’s not clear why. From what I understand, their products were released before the August deadline by the FDA, and they still have a good two years to go before being forced to pull their products off the market.

If they choose to comply, they still have time to get the PMTA applications done for their products. Since most of their mods are only variations – for example the P3 Celtic Knot and P3 Stealth Titanium, I would have thought that Provape would have been able overcome this hurdle.

From my understanding they would need only 3 approved applications, namely for the P3, Radius and Procyon. They can easily retire the older products.

How Many More FDA Casualties?

I wonder how many other American companies would succumb to the FDA regulations this year?

Still, Provape has developed a strong brand name and good technology that I hope will not be wasted.

I love tube mods, and Provape is one of the companies that still makes them. The Procyon is one of my most treasured mods, and there’s nothing quite like it.

Its easy to criticise Provape for resting on their laurels.

But I think they stuck to their philosophy of putting safety first, even when the market no longer cared about safety the way they did. At the end of the day, they didn’t give the market what it wanted.

Its sad to see this iconic American brand go out of business with a whimper.

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