Hcigar Fodi F2 Review, Build & Wicking


I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a Fodi by Hicigar for some time now, but got distrated by all the other good stuff out there. Recently, I was so close to getting a Fodi V2 when I say the Fodi F2.

At first I thought it was just a typo – surely no one would launch two new RDTAs at around the same time with confusingly similar names?

But as it turns out, that was exactly the case.

The Fodi V2 was an improvement over the original, but still pretty much looks the same and it meant for cloud-chasing dual-coil builds. The Fodi F2, the one I review in this video, is a single-coil flavor-chasing atty.

Note to Hcigar: Find another name for your products! This is fucking confusing. Where’s the F1 then?

Anyways, as you wil see in this video, I really love the Fodi F2 for what it is.

Easy to build, easy to wick, easy to refill, great flavor.

I was disappointed that I did not receive the red acrylic driptip as shown in the packaging and in all othe rimages I have seen on online stores. Stop surprising your buyers, some may even call this deceptive marketing.

Overll though, this is just as good as the Wicmec Theorem or Geekvape Avocado in terms of flavor and vapor production. A goof atty for your collection.

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