Cappy R Full Silicone Bottles – Do They Suck?


I recently got myself a Cappy R full silicone bottle, which is the successor to the Cappy V4 Kompakt. Well, at least i think it is since the Kompakt bottles are sold out everywhere. I heard that they are discontinued.

Anyways, the big deal with these are that everything, including the topcap, is silicone. I thought it made sense for these two reasons:

  1. No danger of shorting when a stainless steel cap touches the contact strips on your mech squonk mod.
  2. Looks better overall as a bottle, perfect for the squonker obsessed about matching everything

These bottles come in full black, full ultem and clear in 5ml / 7ml variations. However, now that I have actually used one I am having second thoughts.

Here’s the first issue: The threads on the cap are practically useless. You can pull off the soft silicone cap easily even when it is threaded all the way in.


Here’s the second issue: It’s not as airtight as the Kompakt or Lukos Silk or any of the other Italian bottles I have tried in the past.


Depending on how much the top cap needs to bend when inserted into your mod, you may find that you need to push squeeze much harder. In the picture above with my 20K mod by PMM, it’s not that bad.

However, in other mods I can see small air bubbles coming out at the bottom of the topcap. I think it needs another silicone washer to make it work better.

I am just not so excited anymore with these Cappy R full silicone bottles. Thankfully I have a few brand new Cappy V4 Kompakt bottles that could do with a new home in amazing mods.

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Do the Cappy Rs suck? YES.

There are lots of good squonk bottle options nowadays. These Cappy Rs have more hype than practical value. Plus, they are expensive.

The bad news is that while I was waiting for my first Cappy R bottle to arrive, I ordered three more and they should be at my doorstep anytime this week.


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