Compare: Tobeco Kayfun V5 with SXK Kayfun 5


I had to get my hands on the Tobeco Kayfun V5, just to compare it with the SXK Kayfun 5 and see which one is the better clone.

Since I also have the authentic Kayfun 5, I decided to get the black version of the Tobeco Kayfun 5, just to add some variety. The black looks gorgeous, as you can see in the close up video, and the paint is holding up pretty well.

Unlike the SXK Kayfun 5, the Tobeco Kayfun V5 version does not attempt clone the packaging in any way. That’s quite normal for a Tobeco clone – they want to proudly put their brand out there.

In the video, I compare the Tobeco Kayfun V5 with the authentic, and also the SXK where I need to, so you get a complete picture of how good it really is. Watch my previous video of the SXK VS Svoemesto Kayfun 5 if you want to know more about the SXK version.

Tobeco Kayfun V5 Clone: Pros

The biggest pro for me is that the Tobeco Kayfun V5 comes in black! None of the others do. The build quality is excellent, although as you will see in the video it’s probably a tad bit behinds the SXK Kayfun 5, which is my opinion almost overshadows the authentic Kayfun v5.

The threading is smooth, and parts fit together perfectly. I never had a leak with the Tobeco. Overall, I think the individual parts, expect for the build deck, is pretty 1:1 with the authentic, including how the juice flow control works.

Tobeco Kayfun V5 Clone: Cons

The biggest con for me is the build deck screws. I don’t see any reason to make them smaller than the authentic. I think the authentic build deck was just perfect.

Smaller screws means it can be a bit ore difficult to build on if you’re using a 28 gauge wire, or soft Ni200 wires. If you’ve had such issues with the Tobeco, be sure to leave your comments below.

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