SXK Kayfun V5 Mini Clone Review


This SXK Kayfun V5 Mini clone outshines both the authentic Kayfun V5 and the regular-sized SXK Kayfun V5, keeping everything you love about the Kayfun while making it better.Here are the details:

  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Two-piece stainless steel / Delrin driptip
  • Pyrex glass tank with 3ml juice capacity
  • Bottom airflow with external control ring
  • Stainless steel, non-adjustable 510 connection
  • 22mm diameter, 62mm height

Of course, there is no such thing as an authentic Kayfun V5 Mini – so credit is due to SXK for taking a risk with this one and one-upping Svoemesto themselves.When you take a look at the parts and compare them with a regular sized Kayfun V5 (as I do in the video) you can clearly see the proportional reduction. So it’s not like they just cut off a few millimeters from the chimney or glass – everything was shortened based on some formula or calculation and it works!

SXK Kayfun V5 Mini Pros

Here’s what I like about the Kayfun V5 Mini:

  • Smooth, high-quality construction and machining
  • Simple, accurate packaging mimicking the authentic
  • The build deck is almost identical to the full-sized Kayfun V5, and just as easy to build on
  • Smooth, tight airflow just like the full-sized SXK clone.
  • The flavor is better – yes better – than the full-sized SXK Kayfun V5 and perhaps even the authentic Kayfun V5.

SXK Kayfun V5 Mini Cons

Maybe I’m just excited but I honestly cannot find any cons with the SXK Kayfun V5 mini. Looking at the tons of 5-star reviews this clone is getting, looks like I am not alone either!It more than exceed my expectations, and it’s now a part of my daily / weekly rotation. I just cannot get enough of it. In fact, I might even get a second if they have it in matt black.No doubts about it – at $24 this is a no brainer and better than a lot of the other authentic crap I have tried this year.

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