Petri Lite V2 Clone – Hybrid Mech Mod


If you’re looking for a cheap, decent mech mod you may want to give this Petri Lite V2 clone a chance. At just $29 it does what it’s meant to do, and looks great.

You can get it as a kit (hybrid mech mod + Petri V2 RDA) or separately.

In my previous review of the Petri V2 RDA I have already explained how the dripper works and how well the clone is built. In this review, I go through the important points again and show you how well it works with the hybrid mech mod.

If you’ve never used a mechanical mod – especially a hybrid mechanical mod – you will need to do some research on three important things:

  • Battery specifications and safety
  • How to build for your RDA based on your battery
  • How to maintain and clean your mech mod

Petri Lite V2 Clone: Pros

  • As you can see in the video, the Petri Lite V2 hybrid mech mod looks fantastic. The paint job is just superb.
  • The deck and screws all work flawlessly. You can grab the screws and tighten with your fingers, and move to a screwdriver when you’ve got your coils in position.
  • The flavor is great, and vapor production (depends on your build) is fantastic
  • Simple, not too many parts to deal with

Petri Lite V2 Clone: Cons

For the price, there aren’t many cons, but I will list a few subjective cons. Also, since this is a 1:1 clone, some of them are “borrowed” from the authentic:

  • The color of the hybrid mech mod and RDA isn’t 100% the same, although it’s very difficult to notice
  • No air flow control for the Petri V2 RDA clone, just like the authentic
  • The dual-post, single-hole deck is a bit harder to work with with you want to do a dual-coil build

Since this review, I have actually purchased an authentic Petri Lite V2. Although the authentic uses better materials and fires a little harder, you cannot argue with the value for money you’re getting with the clone.

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