Review: UD Goblin Mini Version 2


Barely two weeks after I did my review on the Goblin Mini by UD, the Goblin Mini Version 2 was released and I was lucky to get my hands on one quickly.

This time i got the black version, and I was hoping that all the annoying issues with the version 1 was solved. My wish came true, as the Goblin Mini Version 2 has top-fill capabilities, standard 510 drip tip connection with a new top heat sink that fitted the Goblin-sized glass drip tip.

No more bottom fill via tiny screw? I was sold!

But as you can see in the closeups, that’s not all that has changed.

The changes made by UD definitely makes the Goblin Mini Version 2 way better than the version 1, but I can’t help but wonder why they did the version 1 in the first place with all its flaws?If you loved the version 1 of the Goblin Mini, then without a doubt you will love the Version 2!

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