Review: Topbox Mini Starter Kit by Kangertech


I recently bought a Toptank Mini Starter Kit while shopping for ejuice, and I finally got time to record a video for our YouTube channel.

Here’s my review:

  • This is a great starter kit by Kangertech, well worth your money if this is your first time vaping.
  • The kit lets you get a taste of some of the most popular coils right now – Ni200, Stainless Steel, Clapton – and the Kbox Mini 75W Temperature Control mod fires all of them easily.
  • The build quality is great, and the Toptank is very similar in build to the older Subtank Mini.
  • Lots of good, useful information in the booklet. However, labelling is poor for the three different coils. A simple color reference on the box itself would have been great.
  • The Kbox mini mod? Nothing great about it. Exactly the same size and width as the older Kbox Mini, with the exact same name.
  • I only reviewed the RBA in this video. It was like 90% the same as the older RBA, with much smaller holes for the ejuice.

So, I really think that although this is a neat starter kit, the Kbox itself it nothing to shout about. If you already have a mod that does temp control, you may want to consider getting just the Toptank.

In fact, I’ve had a better vaping experience for the included Ni200 coils using the Toptank with my Sigelei 150w than the Kbox 75w.

The mod I reviewed was the Platinum edition. you can get it for $60 at FastTech.

If you’ve tried the Topbox, feel free to let me know what you think about it.

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