Mutation-X V5 Review & Postless Deck Build


The Mutation-X V5 is a severely underrated RDA, and I have no idea why. Perhaps we had way too many products in 2016, or perhaps it was lack of marketing on the part of Indulgence, the company who makes them.

When you compare the Mutation-X V5 with more expensive RDAs, it comes out on top almost all the time.

Here are the specs for the Mutation-X V5:

  • 22mm overall diameter, just like the Version 4
  • 304 stainless steel construction & ceramic insulator
  • 9 holes design side-airflow, with adjustable airflow control via the topcap
  • Top airflow control, mix that with the side airflow to get tons of airflow options
  • Innovative multi-choice build deck, with Velocity-style deck or post-less deck
  • 510 threading connection, silver-plated copper center pin, non-adjustable

The kit comes with an extra ceramic insulator, o-rings and tons of grub screws for the build decks.

Mutation-X V5: Pros

I love the design of the Mutation-X V5! Such a brilliant idea with the removable Velocity-style posts. Removing them is easy, and I actually prefer to use the post-less deck.

(There are way too many RDAs with Velocity decks, frankly I’m quite sick of them!)

I love the post-less deck, building on it was easy. The grub screws are good quality and do not strip easily. I also love the airflow controls. By adjusting both the top and side airflow, I was able to get dense, delicious vape.

Is it the best vape I’ve ever had? Probably not, but it’s pretty darn good.

Mutation-X V5: Cons

One con about the Mutation-X V5 is related to its biggest pro – the dual build decks. I think the post-less build deck really take up a lot of space at the bottom, making the Mutation-X V5 much taller than other RDAs.

However, it also make the juice wells very shallow. You’ll need to keep dripping, and over-dripping may cause leakage from the side airflow holes, unless you shut them off.

So if you’re looking for something short, this isn’t it.

Although it hasn’t happened to me, some people say that the ceramic part breaks easily, and replacements are hard to find. There’s a replacement ceramic part in the box, so thats good, but beyond that, there are indeed hard to find.

Part of the reason is that the Mutation-X V5 never really became very popular, so many third-party OEM manufacturers are not bothered to make the parts. You’ll have to get them directly from Indulgence.

Personally, I love the Mutation-X V5. 

For the $21 price tag, it’s a really good RDA to have. You CAN get a good vape with the right build and the right airflow adjustment. You can start by completely shutting off the top airflow, and opening it a little at a time and see if you like the vape you’re getting.

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