Malaysian Online Vape Store – ONO Vaportrends


I recently purchased some stuff from a Malaysian online vape store ONO Vaportrends, and my experience with them has been fantastic.

I have actually been browsing their site for a while now, and I have purchased items from them through their Lelong store. This time I bought directly from the site.

I made my first order (for wires and driptips) and paid for it, then I realized that I also wanted to get the Avocado by GeekVape. So I created a second order and realized that I would be paying twice for shipping.

I knew I could contact them to combine both orders so I would only need to pay once for shipping, but I got distracted with work and forgot about it.

Less than two days later, I received a package from ONO Vaportrends with all my items inside, some change for the refund of my additional shipping fees, and a nice little ceramic driptip as a free gift!

Now that’s how it should be done! Kudos to the ONO team for combining my order and refunding my shipping fees using their own judgement, even thought I did not email them about it.

Their online store has a lot of RTAs, clearomizers, mods, wicking materials, tools and much more. Based on my experience I would most certainly be shipping here again!

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