Kangertech Dripbox “Squonk” Starter Kit – First Look


By chance or fate, I stumbled upon the Kangertech website today and saw that they have a few new products in prelaunch, and one particular product caught my eye – the Kanger Dripbox starter kit.

At first glance it looked like Kangertech was finally going to sell an RDA, but then I looked at the video and thought “Wait a minute… this is something else!”

At the moment, Kangertech has not released much information, or actual pictures of a Dripbox kit. Some specs from the website:

  • 7ml juice capacity (that’s a lot)
  • Single 18650 battery (easy to remove)
  • Replaceable / disposable deck & coil (the price of each is supposedly the same as a Kanger OCC)
  • The mod as a 60W power output
  • Minimum supported resistance is 0.2 Ohm

Doing some research, I found out that this isn’t a new product category as I initially thought, but a mass-produced version of a niche product commonly known as a “squonk” or “squonker”.

Here are some pictures of squonkers or squonk mods:

The idea with a squonker is to have your ejuice in a plastic bottle place right below your RDA, and pump it up via a tube that runs right through the 510 connection, into your deck & wick.

By doing that, you can keep your wick constantly saturated. You never have to drip again! Just squeeze the plastic bottle and you’re back in business.

Although it seems like a smart idea, there’s a reason why squonkers never became as popular as they should have been.

Now that a company like Kangertech is mass producing them, things could change. Still, until I get my hands on one, it’s hard to predict what issues you may have with the Kanger Dripbox, and I’m sure that there will be many.

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