DNV Split Atty Clone Review


This DNV Split Atty Clone by Coppervape (I think) costs about $12, but you can also try the SJMY version which costs $16 but has awesome reviews.

This is a truly unique RDTA, since it comes with a squonk pin. Just like all the other bottom-feeding / squonking atomizers I have in my list, you can feed juice from a squonk mod into the Split Atty. The difference is that you’ll be squonking into the tank itself!

The authentic Split Atty by DNV cost $160, just in case you’re wondering.

I’m in no way suggesting you get the clone because it’s cheaper. However, I do have a habit of getting the clones to see if I would want to invest in the real deal.

Here are the specs of the Split Atty clone:

  • Stainless steel construction with glass tank and delrin wide bore drip tip
  • 2ml juice capacity with center fill pole
  • Dual-post design, with single-coil reducer
  • Adjustable airflow control on the sides
  • 22mm overall diameter

Split Atty Clone: Pros

  • Good build quality – The Split Atty Clone is well machined, with no machine oil residue when I received it. The o-rings are good and holding up pretty well. The airflow rings works, and threading all over this atomizer is smooth.
  • Small 22mm low-profile – The build I have in here is prehaps pushing the limits of the Split Atty clone a bit to far. However, I generally prefer 22mm atomizers for flavor.
  • Fantastic flavor – Everything you see in the video tells you that this atomizer was designed for flavor, and it delivers!

Split Atty Clone: Cons

  • The juice tube isn’t threaded – I’ve heard that the SJMY version is. This should not be an issue if you do not plan to use it as a squonking atomizer. The included screws will just sit there, since there are no threads. I stuff some sotton to close the tube when I squonk, as I show in my video.
  • Spitback – Yes I was getting spitback because the coils are really close to the driptip. But then again, the build I have in here is a bit agressive for this atty. Go with a more reasonable build with good wicking and you’ll minimize the spitback issue.
  • Wide bore tip – The wide bore tips is redundant on something like this, if you ask me. Switch to a standard 510 driptip with the included adapter, and you’ll bet a much better vape experience.

Conclusion: I was pleasantly surprised with the Split Atty clone.

I didn’t know what to expect from it, but I can now see it as being part of my daily rotation. With adjustable airflow and the ability to use a single coil properly, I’m pretty sure I can get a build in there that is just perfect for me.

For me, the Split Atty clone makes more sense as a squonking atomizer. The juice capacity is pretty lame as an RDTA, but as a squonker it can hold more juice than any other RDA I’ve tried.

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