Making My Own 510 Juma Driptips


I’ve been venturing into DIY stuff a lot since early this year. In fact I’ve assembled a whole range of DIY squonk mods, most of which are for other people. This kept me wanting to try even more.

Not too long ago, I bought a WEN 3420 mini woodworking lathe to make some custom driptips and buttons. It was the cheapest lathe I could find. To be honest it was just sitting there idle for about two months, before I finally got around to learning how to use a lathe.

I quickly realized I needed a few more accessories and some better tools, so I got the Nova 48202 chuck which made things a whole lot easier. I also got a set of PSI Woodworking mini chisels, and started watching a whole lot of Youtube videos on how to turn wood.

After some trial and error, I managed to create some buttons to match the squonk mod doors I already created. However, to create driptips you need accuracy, and a manual woodworking lathe cannot give you that kind of accuracy.

But I did manage to secure some 304 stainless steel bases. These are very well made and fit perfectly in almost anything I’ve tried. So now I can make some good-looking Juma driptips without worrying about the fit.

I’ve made a total of 26 Juma driptips to start with, which you can buy here. I only used what I already have, so the colors are limited to red, black, white and green. However, I also created some dual-tone Juma driptips which I think are really unique. I’ve not seen anything like these anywhere else.

I might also be making some acrylic and stabilized wood driptips pretty soon. Although I almost completely destroyed my first set of chisels in the learning process, it’s been a whole lot of fun!

Get Your Juma Driptips Here

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