Juma Driptips Hand-Made


$20.00 – $25.00

Hand-made 510 Juma driptips, polished to high gloss with high-quality 304 stainless steel base to prevent warping when exposed to heat. Polished to a smooth surface and high-gloss for ultimate comfort when vaping.

  • 6mm straight bore
  • 12mm driptip height

For a limited time, you can also purchase two-tone and three-tone driptips. These are unique, multiple Juma sheets re-cast in resin for a killer look that matches all your Juma setups.

  • Each driptip is uniq with different grains and patterns, the pictures above are examples only.
  • Two tone-and three-tone driptips will be random stripes of the chosen color
  • For example, if you order a Red-White two-tone you might get the red stripe at the top or at the bottom of the white.
ColorChoose an optionRedWhiteBlackGreenRed-BlackWhite-BlackGreen-WhiteGreen-Black Clear

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Weight0.015 kg
ColorRed, White, Black, Green, Red-White, Red-Black, White-Black, Green-White, Green-Black
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