Ways to Keep your ECIG in Good Condition


People who make the switch from smoking to vaping are often concerned about how to take good care of their e-cigarettes. Like all other transitions, there is a learning curve to vaping as well. However, this should not discourage users from learning their own tips and tricks of the art of vaping.

There is much more than buying e-cigarettes and e-liquids from a store. You need to know all you can about vaping tanks, mods, atomizers and different types of e-juices. From simple tips such as shaking the e-liquid before each use to maintaining just the perfect PG/VG mixture; there are several things to take care of your e cigarette or vaping device. Moreover, mixing the nicotine properly also helps to keep your e-cigarette in good condition for a long time.

Users should also ensure they don’t keep their e-liquids where there is a lot of sunlight. People who are new to vaping must buy their devices and e-cigarettes from a reputed vaping store. Owing to the immense popularity of e-cigarettes, hundreds of manufacturers are working on making their products easily accessible to their users.

Vaping enthusiasts should also take care of their e-liquids and close all bottles after using them. Some people leave their juices open since they are too intense. However, leaving them open for longer periods of time will also have a negative effect on your e-liquid flavor and quality.

You should never leave a bottle open for more than 30 minutes if you want to retain the quality and essence of the flavor of your e-liquid juice.

Everyone who uses e-cigarettes must remember to clean their batteries periodically. It is often recommended to clean batteries once a week. You just need to have a few tools and you can easily clean the batteries in less than ten minutes.

A few specific juices cannot be used in some tanks. Since there are many plastic tanks that can crack or warp when you use them with certain juices, it is important to observe which flavors can harm your device. The most notorious flavors are cinnamon and menthol.

Since, a larger number of starter kits are available with plastic tanks; it generally affects new vapers only. To enjoy the complete range of juices available in the market, it is recommended to upgrade to a glass tank as soon as you can.

In addition to that, it is also helpful to know how to disassemble your device properly. It may be a tedious task for new users. However it is easier than it seems. Removing the vape tank or the atomizer particularly if it was filled with e-liquid will prevent any spills that frequently occur.

Once the juices come in contact with the button or the battery, your e-cigarette may become useless even if it is fairly new. Certain users have their own favorite batteries and are likely to use them to the last drop. Clean your battery as any moisture inside can damage your electronic cigarette.

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Final Thoughts

Many reliable retailers warn users that their e-cigarettes will not last long if they fail to take care of them. Since, not all vape tanks are created equally, all devices can last up to different time periods. However, all of them can go a long way if you take care of them and use them the right way.

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