Team Vape Lab Cotton for RDAs


I stopped by a local vape shop a while back to get some Kohgendo cotton to wick my RBAs, but the guy recommend these to me instead: Team Vape Lab by Vapors.

It seems to be a local brand, made in Malaysia. Well, at least that’s what the guy told me.

When I first tried it a while back, I hated it. The cotton tasted like shit; you could get this weird spongy taste when you vaped it. Ironic that it said “No Cotton Taste” at the back of the packaging.

According to the label:

Introducing the first ever cultivated cotton technology, this remarkable cotton not only lasts the longest in tanks, drippers & RBAs known to mankind, but it’s also certified safe to vape without harmful residues & bleaching agents.

Imported, researched, and distributed by teamvapelab, we bring the best into the vaping industry and to ensure every vapors vape for a healthier alternative.

It costs way more than your typical Muji or Kohgendo shit: about $7.50 for a small pack.

The other problem is, I was used to cotton sheets.

The Team Vape Lab cotton came in weird “torn-off” pieces. After a while, all the small pieces would bunch together and you had to seperate them manually.

Cotton sheets are easy to use, but I had no idea how to use the cotton pieces. I tried a few and ended up throwing them away.

I gave up.

Recently however, I took a second look at it and tried to use it with my RBAs. It worled beautifully and the taste was so pure! It also lasted a hell of a lot longer than the damn Muji stuff.

Here’s what I missed the first time with my Teacm Vape Lab cotton:

  1. You must know how to tear away a small piece of cotton to match your RBA or tank. If you tear too much, you will end up wasting some.
  2. If you tear too little, you can try adding some more cotton but then it will not wick as well.
  3. You must prime the cotton much longer than Muji or Kohgendo. My mistake was trying to vape it immediately.

If you do those two things corrently, it’s fantastic!

In fact, here’s how it looks like in my RBA after dripping two times, with 16-18 drops each time:

Team Vape Lab Cotton for RDAs 2

You can see how white and pure the cotton looks, as white as it was before I vaped it.

They do not mention it, but I think this is some type of synthetic cotton, similar to the Kendo cotton. What the fuck does “cultivate cotton technology” mean anyway?

I still feel like the Team Vape Lab cotton doesn’t do so well in a tank or RTA. I think this is meant for dripping and RDAs, but then again I could change my mind three months from now!

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