New SVF 510 – How Does It Work?


A while back, I bought two new SVF 510s from the Squonk America group buy, and to be honest I wasn’t sure why. I probably thought I could use it on one of my DIY squonk mod videos, although these are for mech mods only and I’m about done with mech mods for that series.

The one thing I was sure of it that these SVF 510s were made of silver (99% I think?) and they can be locked. The post wasn’t too detailed about the measurements of other stuff.

When I first got it, I was confused about the locking system. It seemed so simple, and no locking in sight. It was also not spring-loaded. Took me a few minutes, but eventually I figured it out.

New sVF 510

So here’s how the SVF 510 works.

There are just four pieces as you can see from the picture – 510 plate, 510 pin & nut, securing nut and PEEK insulator. In fact, I don’t recommend taking out the PEEK insulator at all – you don’t need to and it will reduce the life of your SVF 510.

So you screw the 510 pin into the PEEK counter-clockwise until it touches your RDA’s 510 and makes a connection. If there’s a gap between your RDA and your mod, turn the 510 nut clockwise to lower the 510 pin and screw in the RDA a little bit more.

You’ll have to adjust the pin manually for every RDA, but unlike other 510s that require a screwdriver, the SVF 510 does not.

So where the lock? Basically, just turn the 510 pin / nut counter-clockwise until it no longer connects. In reality, this is pretty easy to do even when the SVF 510 is in your mod. Using your thumb, you can grip the nut easily and just give it a small turn to disconnect.

The 510 but is rigid enough to stay in place. When you want to unlock, jus turn it clockwise and it will make a connection to your RDA. That’s it!

The only concern here, is the PEEK insulator. How long will it last before the thread are completely ruined by all that turning to lock / unlock it? I guess time will tell.

For now, it works and it works well. It hits really hard due to the fact that there are so few parts, and therefore almost zero voltage drop. Silver is a great conductor of electricity too. If your contacts are also silver, you get the best hit from your batteries.

You might need to get used to this method of locking & unlocking, and sometimes it may seem like it’s not working. That’s usually because you need to turn the nut just a little bit more to make contact.

The 510 plate measures 22mm x 1.5mm x 10mm though, which is 0.5mm taller than the ModMaker 510 and 1mm wider for the threads. So if you’re looking to upgrade your mech mod from a ModMaker to the SVF 510, you’ll need to hack the mod a little bit.

I just got my new SVF v4 fully-engraved mod, and this new SVF 510 was already installed. So I have two unused SVF 510s that I will probably use to upgrade my ModMaker-based squonk mods.

Hmm… maybe not. I think I will keep them for brand new squonk mod projects, especially the ones I plan to get from Floris mods.

At the moment, I am not sure where you can buy these, but hold on and some websites may have them in stock.

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