Steam Tuners Insider Coiling & Wicking Tutorial


The Steam Tuners Insider is one of the latest and most popular bridges for the BilletBox Rev4. I have never really reviewed the Steam Tuners Insider, but I do talk a little bit about it in this build and wick tutorial.

Let’s just say this: the Steam Tuners Insider is great but many people give up with it due to leaking and gurgling issues.

It looks easy enough to build on, but the key is the wicking. So let me help you love the Insider with this simple build tutorial. It is my favorite build for the perfect balance of flavor and vapor production, and it doesn’t involve fancy wires. Plus, this build will give you great battery life.

So here’s what you need to follow along with this build tutorial:

  • A simple build: 24g Kanthal A1, 3mm diameter 6 wraps
  • Wicking with some awesome Kohgendo Japanese organic cotton.
  • If you don’t own a Billet Box, you may want to check out the SXK BilletBox clone
  • SXK also has a clone for the Steam Tuners Insider

Pay attention to the wicking. You do NOT need to stuff the wicking channels with cotton. If you do, you will most probably get dry hits. The juice needs to be able to enter the deck area, and quickly get absorbed by the organic cotton.

What I show you in this video, I learned in part from the Steamtuners channel. Of course I experimented with it and modified it where I could.

If you do not own a Billet Box or Steam Tuner Insider, there are very affordable clone options by SXK as I mentioned earlier. These are pretty high quality. Although I do not personally own them, I have received lots of positive feedback from subscribers on YouTube and Facebook.

I’ve tried this build many times, and its surprising how the most simple builds can give you the best overall vape in a BilletBox. Let me know if this Steam Tuners Insider tutorial worked out for you!

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