Smok TFV4 Leaking Issues


Looks like my excitement with the Smok XCube 2 kit came to a premature end today, when my TFV4 tank started leaking. All hell broke loose.

I’ve had tanks leak before, but never like this. The ejuice was just flowing out and about half the tank was empties before the river of ejuice stopped flowing.

Fuck fuck fuck!

A quick search on Reddit and I found that many others were having the same issues with the TFV4 tank, especially when using the RBA section.

Shit.. this tank was so hyped up by all the YouTube reviews I’ve watched. It was supposed to be so easy to fill this tank from the top. I mean, it IS easy but as soon as I pop that top part back on, the juice just starts flowing.

I’ve tried a few ways to wick the RBA section after watching even more YouTube videos, but no matter what I did, it leaks.

I did notice that it would not leak as much if i just filled the tank 1/2 or 1/3, but everytime I fill it to the top, shit happens.

Anyone else have the same issues?

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