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I first came across FastTech while searching for online vaping store that deliver to Malaysia. Sadly, most US-based sites simply do not ship to Asia, let alone Malaysia. So FastTech became one of the few options I had left.

But can I trust FastTech? How do I know I’m not going to get scammed?

Like I said, since my options were limited, I started to research into how FastTech works, and I hope my initial research can help you shop safely not only from this website, but other China-based online vaping websites as well.

Free Worldwide Shipping

One thing that caught my attention right away, was the free shipping offered. If you;re from the US or UK you may be used to this, but I normally have to pay for all shipping within and to Malaysia. So free shipping was awesome.

However, when reading further, I found out that although the shipping is truly free, it’s very slow. Estimates range from 2 weeks – 6 weeks to get your order in the US. I cold not find any estimates for Malaysia.

This has earned them the nickname “Slow Tech”, which is really ironic.

Of course, you can pay for better shipping by DHL or other providers, but I guess most people would not mind the additional wait time. I mean, I buy online all the time and not a single US or UK based company has ever given me free shipping.

Also, paying for shipping would mean that the products end up not that much cheaper than what you can buy them for at local vaping stores.

Fake Products Galore

China companies used to rip off US companies. Now they also rip off other China companies. What a weird and wonderful world we live in!

Some fakes (or clones if you prefer), are so good that its almost impossible to spot the difference. The last I want is to pay for an original product, and get a cheap knock off.

The good news is that, FastTech clearly labels which ones are real, and which ones are fake or clones.

  • “Authentic” – If you see this term in the product title, usually the first word used, it’s the real deal. For these products, you still get a deal from FastTech but the price tends to be not more than 20-30% cheaper that a non-China site.
  • “Styled” – This word is used to infer that te product was created “in the style” of the original. So, it’s a clone. The orinal brand is sometimes mentioned in the title, but the original manufacturer is not stated. For example: “Kayfun V4 Styled RTA…”

Now, the other issue is authentic products with bad manufacturing.

This can happen, unfortunately, and there seems to be no way to avoid it. You may have purchased an authentic but if it’s from a new batch made by a new manufacturer, or if some parts were made by a new provider, quality can be hit or miss.

Massive Choice for Vaping Tools

The other thing about FastTech is that it has a whole lot of other stuff for vaping – like drip tips, stands, replacement parts, spare parts, stickers, and more.

In fact, a lot of thise things are pretty cool and I would not be able to find them here in Malaysia. I can spend an entire day looking at the driptip choices alone.

Buy Based on Reviews

The great thing about FastTech is that for good products, there are usually tons of reviews and even user-submitted images to look at and read.

Take a look at this listing for the Vamo V5:


Yup. Their buyers are definitely very proactive in giving reviews and rating the stuff they buy. If something is either too new, or too unpopular, you won’t find reviews. Stay away from those unless you’re willing to take a risk.

Products with reviews of 4.3 and above (out of 5) should be worth getting.

There’s also a discussions tab, but somethings the additional information you get here can be confusing.

FastTech is one the most popular sites for e-cigarettes / vaping stuff. I think I will try ordering from them pretty soon!

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