Shorty Subzero Clone Review – Gorgeous Mechanical Mod


My first mech mod – the Shorty Subzero clone in stunning red – and this thing is a beauty!

I bought this for around $25 at a local vape auction group on FaceBook, but I can’t seem to find it ony any online store. So before you ask me where you can get the Shorty Subzero clone, I honestly really don’t know.

That being said, I also have to point out that this is my first mechanical mod review, and the first mech mod I actually own, so please do your own research before getting the Shorty Subzero clone mech mod, or the authentic.

Shorty Subzero Clone: Pros

So ok, overall I am very satisfied with this clone. From the moment I opened the package everything was well done. The finish of the mod (it comes in a few other colors) was almost flawless, but I had some discolorations near the topcap, as I showed in the video.

Building on the Shorty Subzero is pretty easy for a dual-post design, but there are a few additional steps to do. You have to remove the deck from the RDA, build on it, wick it, but put it back into the RDA before juicing it up.

Shorty Subzero Clone: Cons

For starters, there’s no locking mechanism for the firing button. Sure, it’s not each to press it, and it does require some force. However, I would safer with a mech mod that had some kind of locking.

Second, the clone has gaps between the tube, top cap and RDA. You can reduce the gaps to some extend by adjusting the center pin, but you cannot get rid of the gaps completely. From picture I’ve seen online, the authentic looks more flush.

It uses a single 18650 battery, but make sure you get an authentic IMR or INR battery. I’m not a battery expert so make sure you do more research on this topic.

Also, this is NOT a hybrid mech mod. The Legendary Subzero is a hybrid / mech mod and it looks pretty similar to the Shorty, but there are key differences. It’s longer, the firing button is different, and the RDA is different as well.If I can find a good online store selling the Shorty subzero clone, I will add it below. For now you can check out the authentic Shorty Subzero here with tons of pictures..

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